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Friday, January 25, 2013

[KHJ and JSM] HyunMin Photos - Almost Something Similar Spotted

If it had not been for one of my visitors last night I would not make this edits. Thank you for the request, now I made some and I was also thinking last night as I posted MinMin's photos that something similar was there in the photos and yes...I remember HJ's photos from UNLIMITED tour.

all photos credit as tagged

Well, just a shipper's wild imagination. I badly so want to see them together that I am missing them both. Anyway, this is just for fun, not a fact, just something to analyse. Guess the shipper in me wanted something to believe that there is still that something between my OTP.

For HyunMin/oppa-dongsaeng couple shippers...

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  1. thanks mslee for the photos of hyunmin couple.i thought the second photo was a coincidence, but you made the third one also. i was surprise to their outfit... i love them so much and miss them..god bless you mslee !!!