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Thursday, January 24, 2013

[ChunHye Couple] My OTP Beyond I MISS YOU - The Chemistry is Just Awesome!

Much has been said about the chemistry of these two lead actor and actress in I MISS YOU. I have been writing it over and over again every time I did reviews for the past weeks. Yoon Eun Hye and Park Yoo Chun looks great together on and off the drama. 

The first time I saw them together was when I posted photos from their Press Conference, and they really captured my attention back then. I said to myself, 'Yes, these two look good together."

We have seen all the videos from MBC Drama Awards before the year ended and every glance and  every move were all captured and as a shipper, I would certainly conclude, it's either they are awesome together or something beyond the camera is happening between my OTP. 

reposting my caps...

[looks like they were flirting with each other...:)) ]

I have played repeatedly all the videos, thanks to all who shared, and I can't seem to get enough of them. There is something invisible between them. Something electrifying just by standing or seating side by side. They were so attuned to one another. Their body language could not hide them.  And whenever they whisper to each other, it made me giggle and grin like a teen with her first crush. Omo! What have you done to me, ChunHye! So adorable.

Anyway, this is all just my spazzing as a shipper. Nothing is concrete, nothing has been confirmed. It must be the chemistry. It's rare to find this kind in every pairing. Sometimes, the love story just made the story memorable, but in some cases, like I MISS YOU, it's not just the story of Jung Woo and Seo Yoon that made the viewers glued every week, but personally, I see them as PYC and YEH. 

I have been a fan of YEH since GOONG and I have watched every drama she made. Never did I get this silly feelings for her and her partner before. Although I also liked Gong Yoo for her, but that time, I see them as Eun Chan and Han Kyul. And I loved that drama, too. The chemistry was also great. But not as great as ChunHye.

The first time Han Jung Woo and Lee Seo Yoon faced each other under the pouring rain 14 years after was amazing. The atmosphere between them was so intense, you got to say, these two are awesome together! 

And it stayed with me for the rest of the drama. In episode 13, when finally the kiss scene was aired, I was not watching Jung Woo and Seo Yoon but rather I was watching PYC and YEH and how they react to one another. The whole time, I was thinking, perhaps this is going to be something more for my OTP.

MBC has been very supportive of Playful Kiss. They released so many BTS, NG's and Making Films, officially. And it's a pairing between KHJ and JSM who are both single and unattached. You could see how the camaraderie bloomed from being awkward at script reading to many BTS of the many kiss scenes and the touching/skinships behind the camera while rehearsing their lines ans scenes.

But now, little videos were shared. if ever there is, it's not giving any insights on what is happening behind the camera and in between breaks. There are also no fancams. I wonder why? 

There are many speculations about these two by the shippers but I won't share them here...yet, because, they are all speculations. What I'll share are the ones already there, seen and captured. perhaps you have already seen them too, but then, I want some for my page.:))

credits to all who shared via ChunHyethread/soompi.com

caps by rikreay

[i'm too lazy to do more caps right now, so i'm thankful for this unnie]

Aren't they awesome?

And all because of I MISS YOU!
Where everything started...

[well...not sure for them, but this made me insane!] 

just like Han Jung Woo...:))

Okay, reposting my caps again...hahahaha...

The kiss that made me believe... now, now...it's not just me. Watch the episode again, if you must.:))

the sweet kiss ... of Jung Woo 

episode 13 kiss...

the build up of tension

...and the way they hug each other.
rare to find this kind of hug from other k-dramas I have watched.

ETA: [130209] 2 more caps
 cre: chunhye thread@soompi

I'm starting on my second fanvid..will share them once I finalize the theme.

Again, my first fanvid of my OTP...

Well...this is mslee, feeding my addiction to my CHUNHYE COUPLE! My OTP!


I scouted for this video just now beacuse when I watched it the other day, I was laughing so hard. Yoo Chun is so cute here and it talks about women, life, kiss...

His answer about choosing a girl with a beautiful face and beautiful body...well, you watch.:))

hmmm...YEH is both, though. Lucky PYC!


  1. Hi~~ im so happy to read ur post here.. can i share ur tis post for my chunhye friend?

  2. @anon
    thanks for visiting and reading. sure, spread the love for our OTP. just give credit to this page by linking back.


  3. Yes! I'm so with you on this OTP. I looove Chunhye and its like somehow, I always go back to check their bts scenes, the MBC awards, just every little creep of fact I can find which can further validate my belief that Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye chemistry is not a

  4. typical one but my problem, the big dilemma for me is apart from this, all of the things we already checked and know. Theres nothing else so when you want more of Chunhye, you have to bavk to the same thing, there's no new hints, nothing! So, that just frustrate me. You have no idea.

  5. hello!
    that's how shipping is. it takes a lot of time, even years before confirmation. but of course, there's no "proof" so far besides this photos and vids, but looking closely to the change they both gone through after IMY, it feels something is really happening. what they usually do, i mean YEH she used to tweet, share herself to fans her selca, wherever she was, now, she doesn't do that anymore. she became more private. with YC, some chunsas says he changed too. subtle changes but there are.

    well...let's see. the more they stay away from each other, the more intriguing it is.
    that's k-entertainent, rumor..denials, con confirmation, then wedding.hehe