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Monday, January 21, 2013

[episode 21] I MISS YOU - mslee's Final Thoughts

First I am happy that my previous post was finally answered by the writer. 

I Miss You - Updating My Thoughts : Will I Get to See Jung Woo and Soo Yeon When Snow Falls Again Next Winter?

After the heart pounding first scenes, I am still not sure where the drama would end. 

Personally, I think that to prolong the story and to make the 21 episode cut, there were some scenes that made me say, "How come they could not arrest Hyung Jun? There he is, alone, wounded, the police officers were there, but still, he escaped!" But then, this is drama, there should be flaws and I guess, it was to make way for the amazing storage scene where both Han Jung Woo and Lee Soo Yeon once again find themselves inside that place which brings back the painful past. It was where it all began and it was where it should end. Amazing, right? 

I felt the scene. I felt the intense atmosphere. I was on edge the whole time while watching the drama unfolds before my eyes. In the previous episodes, although Jung Woo tried to say how sorry he was, still it was not really said openly. They were both trying to stay away from bringing the subject especially what happened to Soo Yeon in there. They never really talked about it. But coming in there once again, Jung Woo finally said the things that really bothered him for the last 14 years. How he recognized his youthful mistake and cowardice by running away, but at the same time, he knew how Soo Yeon must be feeling this time, how tortured she was now, how humiliating she feels and Kang Hyung Jun was so mean as to make Soo Yeon this way.

Their past was a tragedy for all of them. It was not something that can be easily forgotten. I like the scene where Jung Woo kept on telling Soo Yeon to lift her head up. It's comforting, it's giving her strength to face this moment and most of all, Jung Woo was trying to say that it was not her fault, that he loved her for all she is. 

Harry/Hyung Jun was so broken that his head was making him do damge to Soo Yeon. His obsession is way beyond that it shadowed his love for Soo Yeon. I felt how he was being torn apart when he shoot Jung Woo and Soo yeon just kept on crying by JW's side, even though he tried to put the gun on his temple and begged her to look at him just once. JUST ONCE. He kept on begging, still, all of Soo Yeon's attention was on JW who was lying down, wounded and in the brink of death.

That's when realization dawned on him. He is not Jung Woo. He does not hold Soo Yeon's heart the way Jung Woo does. It will always be Jung Woo, then and now. His defeat was his undoing. Soo Yeon's love for Jung Woo is already a given, even after 14 long years had passed, it did not fade.

Next thing, Hyung Jun was shot by the police. Both were run to the hospital. Kamsahamnida writer-nim, for making me smile after this crazy scene. Amazing, heart pounding and  heart tearing scene. It was executed beautifully. Bravo! PD-nim..hat's off to you! :))

I always thought dying would be the best ending for Harry. But again, the writer surprised me by letting him live. I realized, it may be pathetic this way, seeing him confined in a wheelchair, in a hospital and most probably will pay for all his crimes, yet, I see how the story wants to heal everyone. Because if Harry died, there's no remorse, there's no pity. But seeing him in this state, at least in their own way, SY and JW have forgiven him. And as time goes by, might still see him once in a while and care for him. As for Harry, perhaps his mind is somewhere else in there, reality is out, still I believe that memories will once in a while visit him and in his "crazy" mind, he will get to live by good memories only. Bad memories won't haunt him anymore.

One thing that has not been answered was 'Why Han Tae Jun was so into money? What was it for him? Not to live a life in style, coz as Jung Woo said, he does not even drive a luxury car." So I am a little confused here. How he turned that way. Why he loves money more than his son?

Well...I hope that being inside the prison would make him reflect on his faults. And as time passed by, Jung Woo's patience and unquestionable love for his father will be received gratefully by Han Tae Jun.

The love story between Jung Woo and Soo Yeon still melts my heart. I believe in patience, and seeing how they both patiently waited for each other, I cried. Who would not? It's great. The chemistry is just so awesome! I felt the love.

My favorite scene... again, these were done beautifully, simple yet very, very true to reality. I suddenly remember when Jung Woo was asking the same of Soo Yeon to say his name back in earlier episode. Writer-nim, I am a fan! Daebak!

Harry/Kang Hyung Jun...inside his own peaceful world... I don't want to pity him after all he's done, but my heart has enough space to give him a warm hug any time, seeing him like this.

It does not matter if the story leaps to 10 months later...if it means winter will come again. Just like what Soo Yeon said to Jung Woo when he asked her to marry him when winter comes, she hopes it will come quickly. :))

And their first snow fall together would be their...wedding!

There goes my happy ending!!!:))

But the writer is not yet through with her story. It does not want to end just like that. The story wants to present another scene...the what-might-have-been-if-we - met-like-this scene.

I love it! It warms the heart. It made the story end in a positive way that will make us viewer wonder. Yes, it should have this way, and maybe, they would have all became friends and live a normal life. But as Jung Woo said, their love would still be the same. They would have met even in this different circumstances. Because they are meant to be.

 Yes, it was the rain! That made it happen.:))

this is mslee1107 writing my thoughts

Hope you enjoyed watching the drama and fell in love, too. Because I fell in love with not just Jung Woo and Soo Yeon, but to my OTP, Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye! Will surely look for more ChunHye activities.


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