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Sunday, January 20, 2013

[MINSUL] Running Man 130120 - Minho and Sulli Cut

Got these amazing short clips of our OTP [MinSul] via You Tube and caps and gif via tumblr.

credit goes to all who upload and shared...

videos via QnKholic@yt

130120 wet Minho

130120 Minho is sweet guy~

130120 Sulli is soooo cute!!!

130120 Minho & Sulli Moment

via tumblr


  1. In case if you want extra minsul moment in Running Man I also noticed that Minho too supported Sulli like what Jonghyun did. This can be noticed before the start of the ice hockey second half game. If you look properly the person helping Sulli isn't Jonghyun by then. It has changed to Minho as Jonghyun was talking to L that time =)

  2. @らい てん

    hello.. thanks for leaving a comment. Yes I saw it too coz i downloaded the whole episode. I was just too lazy to make screencaps anymore...kekekeke relied on others via tumblr coz fans there are so fast in making gif and caps..

    again, thanks:))

  3. Thanks for that I love minsul so much but can you wrote also about yongseo couple plz ♥ if u want to fighting