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Thursday, February 28, 2013

[HyunMin] For Shippers Only - KHJ Looking At Playful Kiss Poster/Photo @Lima FM

Wow! It has been a long time since Playful Kiss, and just the other day, while HJ is performing at Lima, Peru during his fan meet there was a photo of PK displayed at the corner, spotlights on it and HJ looking that way, staring with a smile, maybe reminiscing the drama and of course there's MinMin at the photo. I almost squealed when I saw that photo.

Ya! Baek Seung Jo, that's Oh Ha Ni...you miss her a lot huh! :))

Then just a coincidence or maybe not, the dancer has Mn on her shirt!

 Oh, I want to believe!!!

Oppa/dongsaeng couple shippers...where are you???:))

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  1. yes mslee !!! all the hyunmins blogs has the videos and posters of hyun joong fm at peru.. we're all happy, hyun joong giving us " hints ". three songs,he sangs and the lady dancer with " Mm " dance with him.. "U , Smile, and Kiss,Kiss " ..on kiss, kiss hyun joong and the dancer wores the same oufit... its couple dress... thanks mslee for the post.