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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

That Winter The Wind Blows - My Thoughts, My Review Part 1

Finally! The interest to write another review or share my thoughts about this drama has come!:))
This is long overdue, for the drama has aired 5 episodes already. The truth is, I am still waiting for that moment where I can feel I am already immersed in the story. For awhile, after watching the first 3 episodes 2 weeks ago, I was still searching for that chemistry between Song Hye Kyo as Oh Young and Jo In Sung as Oh Soo. The height of these two actors did not match well for me as a viewer. SHK was like a doll, a cute little doll beside this giant man.:)

So I was feeling that awkwardness while watching them on screen. JIS's face was too handsome for me as I watch him and it kind of bothers me. I don't know why, but he is just too handsome to focus my eyes on and concentrate on the story. It was as if, the character was not for him. Well this is my initial reaction as a viewer. To be honest, this is the first time I am watching a drama of JIS. So, bear with me if I am not familiar with him, while SHK is the first Korean actress that captured my interest when Autumn in My Heart aired locally here in the country. Since then I am a fan!

Well, to continue, the story is about a woman, who is the sole heir to the company her father built. His father was lying helplessly in their house, seems to be in a coma. There was this ahjumma, Wang Hye Ji, who she calls Secretary Wang, and I first thought she was the mom, but no. The story tells that there was an affair between Oh Young's [SHK] father and Sec. Wang. She was the one who cared for OY as a small child because her mother left the house together with her older brother who is Oh Soo. OY is blind. It was not inborn, but it gradually happened after she turned six. The story was, she has a brain tumor, but Sec. Wang did not even brought her to the hospital. This one is confusing for me. What is Sec. Wang's motive? She was even inside the house when the Chairman was dying but she just let the alarm rang and not rushed inside. What was in her mind, knowing OY will inherit all.

Oh Soo, JIS's character has a name the same as OY's oppa who is unfortunately living with OS the con man and his right man Park Jin Sung, Kim Bum's character. The two of them are con men, and gamblers and they mix with the  not so good characters, or gangsters. OS has a painful past. He was abandoned by his mother under a tree, hence he was called OS. His first love, Moon Hee Sun's sister who was then pregnant died in a motor accident, but he still felt guilty about it, because HS [Jung Eun ji] kept reminding him of that fact. The story goes on and OS owed his rival Zo Moo Chul a big sum of money that needs to be paid. He also had a girlfriend named Jin So Ra [Seo Hyo Rim] who was so in love with him and when she realized he would never give himself fully to her, get even with him by running off with the money stole from Moo Chul. That's how the story for the first episode came unfolded.

OS needed the money. By that time, OY was lookig for her long lost brother who happened to write letters to her but because of Sec. Wang almost all the letters did not reached her except for the last one. She went to find him, but instead met OS the con man. She asked him to read the letter and after being amused or maybe felt pity on her, kindly do so. But in the process, the cops were already searching for him and he run. At that moment the real OS came and seeing his friend running away, run after him, while calling his name. Unfortunately, he was run down by a passing vehicle and right there and then, died, without knowing that OY was also there and frantically trying to hail a taxi because that moment their father also passed away.

After a few months, OS was released from prison. The chance came while the lawyer who handles OY's family affair, Jang Sung found him and was mistaken for the real Oh Soo. He told him that he is the brother of OY, the heir.

And so the story continues...presenting himself as the older brother of OY. Everyone is suspicious, including OY. It's not an easy task for OS to get OY's trust and believe him, but little by little, he is getting there.

As I was saying in, I am still finding that great chemistry between SHK and JIS. Finally in episode 4, I found it!. But, I will honestly say, in my point of view, the chemistry is not as strong as the other pairings I have watched. I am still trying to be familiar with it. But sure, there is something there.

As the story goes, OY and OS bit by bit began to be comfortable with each other, but for a true siblings, [which they are not] they should not feel awkward or tensed whenever they touched or close to each other. But in their casebecause they are not related by blood there is that awareness, and both, especially OY, who is blind and her senses are heightened even more because she can not see, she feels that awareness.

I wonder what will happen if she suddenly realized OS is an impostor one? How will OS acknowledge his growing affection to OY?

Episode 6 will air tomorrow and there are new revelations and from the preview, there is a kiss scene. If it happens I am not sure.

For a melo drama, I will say this one is okay. For now, this is how I feel about the drama. There's still something lacking in it and it has not totally captured my attention fully yet. But I am willing to watch it every week and hoping that the story will really get me hooked. Perhaps it is still in its early part that's why. But compare to two dramas I started watching together with TWTWB, I dropped them already. So for now, I am sticking to this one and hoping that my time is worth it.

this is mslee1107 writing...

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