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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kim Soo Hyun To Make A Drama Later This Year

After Moon Embracing The Sun, Kim Soo Hyun did not followed it up with another drama on TV although it received very awesome reviews and officially won the Best Drama of 2012 at  MBC Awards. He did a movie instead The Thieves, last year 2012 which also became a hit together with acclaimed actors and actresses.

Personally, I do like him as an actor. Watched METS and Dream High and he did a good job portraying the roles assigned to him. His acting skills are flawless. You would definitely be moved by him. As 2013 starts, I am happy to read the news of KSH possible comeback in the small screen in the latter part of the year. Will really look forward to it and I am going to be one of the viewers who will really wait for this drama.

the news:
cre: allkpop

Kim Soo Hyun planning to return with a drama later this year

What is Kim Soo Hyun up to these days?
It turns out due to delays, he has only just finished wrapping up the filming for his movie ‘Secret to Greatness‘, in addition to starring in various CFs, like the one for ‘Bean Pole‘, for which he spent time with Suzy.
However, what fans miss the most from the actor is seeing him in a drama and on their television screens every week! No worries, for it seems we’ll be seeing him in a new drama before the year is over, according to his agency.
Key East Entertainment revealed, “The filming for the movie has finally finished. Now he will have some rest and plans to conduct his delayed CF filming and other schedules. As he takes some time off, he will focus on reviewing the casting offers he received from drama productions that will be premiering later this year.”
“Although the exact date is not determined yet, ‘Secret to Greatness’ is planned to premiere this June, thus, he plans to meet his fans for the second half of the year through a drama. In addition to advertisements and events, he will also return with a good production and good acting.”

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  1. OMG!!! finally. Pls come back dramaland. im missing him so much.