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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[2011.08.15] [CTTV News] HJ is irresistible in Taiwan; overly excited fans nearly made him slip

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This news was aired yesterday night on Aug 15, 2011 by CCTV News. HJ was seen being pushed from the back by over-eager fans… >,<

Please take care of our precious U:zoosin… T_T

Newscaster: (He) came to a famous steamed dumpling (xiao long bao) restaurant to have a good meal but because it was meal-time, there were many people; in addition, fans were extremely warm (read: excited to see him), hence when he was leaving, because of being pushed and jostled about, he nearly slipped and fell.

[Scene: HJ arrives in his car, amidst voices in the background: Please push to the back, please push backwards...]

VO: Under the protection of his security guards, Kim Hyun Joong arrived at a famous steamed dumpling restaurant to have a good meal.
There were non-stop screaming going around because other than regular restaurant customers, there were quite a number of ‘star-pursuing’ fans who had pursued him from his hotel to the restaurant. Being able to see their star with their own eyes, the fans became extremely high.
Reporter: How much do you guys like him?
Fans: Like him extremely much!
Reporter: Did you see him just now?
Fans: Yes!
Reporter: So are you guys very high now?
Fans: Yes! Extremely high!

VO: A large number of people crowded around the restaurant’s entrance. This is not a sudden occurence. At the press conference this afternoon, Kim Hyun Joong had announced early on (where he was headed).

KHJ: The recording company has organised this evening to take me to eat the little steamed dumplings. I am very happy about that and hope that work can be completed early today so I can quickly go and eat the steamed dumplings.

VO: The unforgettable taste of the steamed dumplings, since he’s come to Taiwan, how could he let go of the chance (to eat it). But because it was meal-time (when he arrived), coupled with the pushing of the security guards, there were some citizens who were not so happy that they shouted out their grievance.

Voices in the background:
Please push to the back, please go to the back…(this seems to be the restaurant’s staff saying).
Someone said: What is this?
A man said loudly: So if you’re a star can go in?!
VO: (It’s) a place visited by an idol, so big crowds definitely are unavoidable. Kim Hyun Joong stopped only for a short 40 minutes in the restaurant and when he was about to leave, however, just at this moment…

A voice in the background: Please go backwards, please push backwards.
(Screen showing ppl jostling about and HJ being pushed)
A voice in the background: Don’t push, don’t push!
VO: Fans were overly excited that seeing him just wasn’t enough, they wanted to touch him too. In the chaos, pushing and jostling occured and Kim Hyun Joong nearly fell onto the street. From the degree of fan’s warmth (read: excitement), it can be clearly seen that in Taiwan, Kim Hyun Joong’s charm is definitely irresistib

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