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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong To Go Taiwan For Concert At The End Of The Year

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Source: Yahoo Taiwan News
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com/
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Korean Heartthrob, Kim Hyun Joong, announced today that is Asia Concert Tour is expected to commence in Oct and he will go Taiwan end of the year or early next year for his concert. He is really fond of the XiaoLongBao in Taiwan, "Hope that the activities today can pali finished, so that I can go and eat."

Kim Hyun Joong released his 1st mini solo album, started his Asia Promo Tour on end July. Yesterday he arrived in Taipei and started his 4D3N schedule. Today he attended the Greater China region press conference this afternoon, the CEO of Warner Music Taiwan, Chen Ze Shan,presented the platinum record to him, on the other hand, there are alot of fans asked questions via video which he answered everyone of them.

After nearly 2 years he came to Tawian again, Kim Hyun Joong sighed, "Unfortunately not able to sing to all of you." He plan to start his Asia Concert Tour in Oct, predict that he will come to Taiwan around in January or Febuary for a concert. He also said that he heard the scenery over at Southern Taiwan is very beautiful and hopes that he can find time to go there to play.

Kim Hyun Joong after finishing his schedule yesterday, Warner Music Taiwan brought him to eat drunken chicken, baked prawns, scallops with fish maw baked rice etc different kind of Shanghai food to welcome him. He who loves spicy food kept ordering many rounds of chilli with hot pepper sauce.

But, the food that Kim Hyun Joong is unable to forget is XiaoLongBao. Yesterday he just said that he wanted to eat XiaoLongBao again and tonight Warner Music Taiwan is going to bring him to eat them again. "I am very happy, hope that schedule today can pali finish so that I can go and eat."

Claimed to have supernatural intuition, Kim Hyun Joong heard for the 1st time that currently Taiwan has this Hungry Ghost Festival going on, when being asked when filming his MV, did he encountered any "GOOD BROTHERS"? He said that the dance in his new album is very tough, wanting to film a good MV, there was a day where he danced more than 100 times, after finished filming, the dancers and him were all sick the next day. "Compared to a ghost, this process is even more frightening!"

Kim Hyun Joong will be going to BanQiao & XiMenDing for his endorsement of the korean skincare products and meeting with the fans. He will be also auctioning the sport shoes that he brought with him for charity.

On the 17th Kim Hyun Joong will be leaving Taiwan, taking the Singapore Airline flight to his next stop, Singapore, for his promotions.

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