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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Continuation of Tokyo PK FM - Talk& Live (The Kitten and the Little Squirrel)

With a lot of appreciation and thanks for a very nice shipper @oppa/dongsaeng thread, tlbpc, for always translating for us the interviews our cute couple had during the recent PK FM event @Tokyo.

I omitted some parts which were already translated earlier and posted here.
Source: http://navicon.jp/news and 日饭Blog
Translated by :大毛&由幽&Annie and莹水
From: www.hyunbar66.cn and Baidu HyunMin Bar

MC: Happy times are this short, finally let both of them express their thoughtsMM: Very thankful for so many hav ecome, seems like full house, thank you everyone. I will still return the next time to Japan to see everyone.  Hope you would watch out for my TV dramas and movies, Goodbye ~~HJ: Thank you everyone for being able to come in the hot summer.  Please give PK much more love and also for singer KHJ. 2011 is also a year I’ve been getting everyone’s love, will continue towork hard.  Will see you tonight (the audience laughed) When singing One More Time, KHJ seem to be teary.

In the whole fm, HJ gave the impression that he has forgotten about many PK’s shoot happenings.  It was MM at the side who reminded him and then he remembered.MM kept addressing HJ as “Oppa”.
Night Show

Ha Ni’s bath scene
HJ: I remember this scene, there was such a scene.MC: Seems like there were many NGs?MM: The director gave a lot of directions on acting and there were many changes to the lines and standing positions which took up a lot of time.HJ: Really didn’t have time to sleep,even 5 days overnight in a row.  Earlier when shooting BOF, heard from the director that if the first drama was this hard, the next will be easier.  I was gladly looking forward but PK turned out to be doubly harder.

Kiss in the rainscene
HJ watched the video very attentively, seems like he’s suppressing his inner feelings. MM and the MC smiled shyly.  As HJ was watching he said: It was really acted with an confessional mood.MC: Wasn’t it a mischievous kiss?  Should be a deep kiss right?HJ:The director requested it to be a passionate kissing scene and it must be done at one take OK. (Suddenly he laughed)  In my experience, this is the most intense kiss ever. (He was too frank here)MC:Does it mean that it is up to now for acting in a TV drama?HJ:In PK, because I have acted in two dramas only, it’s imaginary.MC:Not in your private appointments?HJ (laughed):This shoot was really difficult, there wasn’t enough water, need to be done at one take.  Because it’s nearing dawn 6am,it was really rush.  Actually SM wasn’t feeling well that day and she took some medicine.MM:I didn’t feel well and had some medicine.
(It was said to be done in one take but the camera was placed in different positions to shoot and that already took 3 to 4 times.  2 persons’ kiss should have a certain feeling of shared happiness; it didn’t seem distasteful to look on.  If this is how to get married then it will be just like them.) (My note:  This is the blogger's opinion)
MC to MM: In the TV drama you wore many cute clothing, how do you dress usually?MM:I too like cute clothing but recently have been wearing trendy clothes.MC:How do you want your future boyfriend to dress up?  About how many points do you give HJ’s clothing style?MM:How one dress most importantly is whether the person suits it or not.  HJ sunbae 9 points. 100 points as full marks(laughed)HJ seem quite upset:  Me? Actually I have no choice; it seems that it’s just those few clothes for the filming.  For example, even if it’s the same clothes still need to continue to be worn. (HJ like a schoolboy defending himself)MM: It’s 9 points out of 10 as full marks actually.
MC:Please tell what little secrets only you both know of each other, or anything that’s cute.HJ: SM has very good appetite for food.MM laughedHJ: SM doesn’t eat a lot but will eat different varieties of food (laughed) like at a birthday party (a variety of food)MM:If there are people around me, I’ll dare to eat not leaving food behind,normally I’m don’t do that.MC:Why…why?MM: During a break while eating a very big hamburger, because it is as large as a face I didn’t see HJ in front, then I heard - kekeke… sound of laughter and itwas HJ filming me with a film recorder. I told him - quickly delete it off, erase it off quickly.HJ: When SM was eating the hamburger, her face is like a piglet (laughed)MM held her fist to hit HJ and HJ reached out to block it (laughed)HJ corrects: Just like a little squirrel holding with 2 hands to eat an acorn as she ate the hamburger.MM: This is cute? Call me piglet.HJ facing the audience: Cute or not? (Weak reaction from the audience)MC: Then SM do you find HJ cute in anyway?MM: When HJ sleeps he snores like a kitten (laughed)MM facing the audience: Can this be said as cute? (The audience laughed)MC:Then both of you can be called kitten and a little squirrel (laughed) Word connection gameMC:BoatHJ(When he was pondering his face is very beautiful, kept pondering with his head bending)MM: SeaHJ: Salmon fish shop….because in PK’s episode 9, I went to the salmon fish shop to use their toilet at the park.MM: Thinking over more ……HJ: That we will talk about it later at backstage
What do you want to do most this summer?
Both:SoccerHJ:I just wrote down what I thought yet SM wrote the same answer! MC:Playful Kiss the TV dramaMM:DirectorHJ:Oh Ha Ni
It was then forfeit time followed by a quiz with the audience, both performed their songs and it was the ending.HJ: Finally, thank you everyone for giving PK so much love.  Please keep BSJ’s existence in your heart forever.  After this I will continue to work hard as an actor and singer.
*Latest additional translation by淘气默 of Baidu HyunMin Bar on the ending part –MM: Very grateful that everyone has been waiting for today.HJ: Please give more love to PK and hope everyone will forever remember BSJ.  Thank you for loving me and Jung Su Min.

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