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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

150811 'Korean top superstar' Kim Hyun Joong held his first mini album Greater China press conference

by 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

Warner Music Tawian CEO Chen Ze Shan personally awarded him with a Platinum Record
Promised to hold his concert either this year end or beginning of next year in Taiwan

'Korean top superstar' Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Taiwan, on the 2nd day, he held his first mini album 'Break Down' Greater China press conference. In the press conference, Warner Music Taiwan CEO Zhen Ze Shan personally attended the press conference to award the Platinum record to Kim HyunJoong. Kim HyunJoong also personally answer questions raised by fans, and revealed that he might held his concert in Taiwan either this year end or beginning of next year. When mentioned about his fan meeting during his first day in Taiwan, he expressed that although he had not visited Taiwan for more than 2 years plus, however when he saw his fans strong support to him under the heavy downpour, he felt very touch and thankful; During his visit to Taiwan, Kim HyunJoong was on a happy mood, not only humming song when he was alone, and even shown his 'U:zoosin' exceptional humour! After arriving in Taiwan and completed his schedules and interview for the day, due to the arrival of the superstar, Warner Music Taiwan CEO Chen Ze Shan specially prepared Shanghai cuisine to treat the top superstar, during the dinner he tried the reknown Drunken Chicken, Egg with Sugar core, Roasted Prawn, Scallop Fish Maw with Rice etc, making Kim HyunJoong who first experience this type of Shanghai Cuisine very happy, Kim HyunJoong who loves spicy food especially like the taste of fresh cut chilli with soya sauce, and kept asking for a extra serving of the sauce to mix with his food. Kim HyunJoong even revealed privately, this is his 3rd visit to Taiwan, he felt that Taiwan cuisine is very delicious, and specially hope to have a chance to eat XiaoLongBao which he had eaten during his previous visit and to reminiscence the delicious taste of Taiwan cuisine.

2nd day upon his arrival in Taiwan, Kim HyunJoong held his first champion mini album 'Break Down' Greater China press conference. In the press conference Warner Music Taiwan CEO Chen Ze Shan awarded him with the Platinum record, and is very pleased with the transformation he saw on Kim HyunJoong all these while, and is very happy to see his proud result now. Warner Music Taiwan has conducted an 'U:zoosin! I have a question!!' activity, few hundreds of fans created questions which they wanted to ask Kim HyunJoong into interesting video clips. in the press conference, Kim HyunJoong personally answered fans question one by one, when being asked whether he would want to visit Taiwan privately, Kim HyunJoong expressed he had previously wish to visit Taiwan for holiday but he was too busy until he don't even have any resting time, if there's chance, he hope to visit Southern Taiwan season to enjoy the good sceneries. Watching video clips of fans together with their dog, Kim HyunJoong who also have a dog felt that it is very cute! Mentioning his method to reduce his daily stress, Kim HyunJoong revealed that it is unavoidable that there are stress in work, normally he would try to have a happy heart in work, then the stress will reduce, privately he will also meet his friends to have a drink to relax his body and mind. He also explained why he gives himself a nickname of 'U:zoosin', that is because he hope everybody will receive their happiness, even for the aliens in the universal also, he also 'release power' to bless all the media and friends in the event to have happiness; Also revealed that he has no chance to perform his new album 'Break Down' for everybody, but he wishes fans will patiently anticipate, in future they would be able to see Kim HyunJoong exceptional performance in Taiwan too!

Because Kim HyunJoong usually loves to draw, in the press conference, the MC has requested Kim HyunJoong to use his drawing to conduct 2 psychological test questions. The test result revealed that Kim HyunJoong has a lot of good friends, privately he has a close relationship with his parents, is a person which will sacrifice himself to complete a bigger goal, he also wish his closer half is a girl with makes people felt that she is very sweet, and will respect her, his career not only will shine and heat up like a sun, even his children will have 'Aiding Father Luck', making Kim HyunJoong very happy after listening, and kept saying that the psychological test result is very accurate and same as his thoughts. After the press conference, Kim HyunJoong also thanked Taiwan Fans for their continuous support over these 2 years plus, and promised that he will produce better album and better dance to reward everybody, hope that he will not let his fans for such a long 2 years period, and will try to return to Taiwan soon. Kim HyunJoong has visited Taiwan for 3 times, he is very relax and happy during his visit, during the free time of his schedules, he kept humming songs and practising his choreography. When the stylist passed a ring for him to wear, he noticed that his hand was very cold, not forgetting to joke Kim HyunJoong said: 'It is alright, as long as my heart is warm it is alright!' Showing his 'U:zoosin' style unique humour. Kim HyunJoong will depart on Wednesday, 17 August, via Singapre Airlines SQ877 2:25pm flight, proceeding to his Asia Tour promotion 2nd* stop Singapore.

(*MiniUFO note: Actually should be 3rd right? Because 1st is Vietnam then follow by Taiwan)

Credit: Warner Taiwan Facebook + (English translation) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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