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Thursday, August 11, 2011

[TRANS + DL LINK] Up-close to HyunJoong at hotel room

credit: Angel4N (@Luv4DBrothers)

HyunJoong is very friendly in the interview at his private room, although he rarely shows his “heart-melting” smile.

Reporter: What is your feeling when you see your fans waiting for you at the airport and hotel last night?

HJL: I’m really surprised and happy. It’s beyond my imagination about Vietnamese fans’ love for me. However, because fans were waiting at night, I worried about their safety

Reporter: There is comment that you “rarely” smile this time coming to Vietnam!

HJL: Partly because the flight was so late at night. Also, the reason is that I worry about fans’ safety. I hope that in next activities and at fan meeting event, I’ll be able to communicate with all my fans.

Reporter: Recently, your song “Please” got banned as harmful media in Korea. What do you think about this?

HJL: This is a song with performance style for adults, so I think you guys can listen to it

Reporter: After winning the heart of so many people in Asia, do you plan to expand into the world music industry?

HJL: Right now I’m having activities in Asia. Of course, I want to expand my work to all over the world. I’m having a plan for next year.

(OMO..this admin Angel4N is jumping up and down when I see this. US please oppa)

Here are up-close pics of HJ during the interview: http://www.mediafire...aj2vftw04fm4y33 (cr: Kenh14)

Source: Kenh14 News Site Original Link: http://kenh14.vn/c1/...g-khach-san.chn
English Translation + Download link: Admin Angel4N
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