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Friday, August 12, 2011

[11.08.2011][Interview] Talking with Kim Hyun Joong

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How do you feel when you arrived here in Vietnam?

HJ-(Smile) Actually, I was landed here very late last night so I couldn’t see your city. But this morning when I woke up, I have observed the city from the hotel’s balcony and It was so cool. I arrived lately and the weather quite hot, I have never experienced this kind of weather before.

Do you know that in Vietnam, you’re very famous and the members in your fanclub is even “bigger” than other Vietnamese artists’ ?

HJ- As you have known, the K-pop industry is very popular in Vietnam and it has made a deep impression on teenagers here. I’m very happy because of the love that Vietnamese fans gave me. Last night, although it was very late but they still waited for me at the airport, and it was really hard for me to get out of the crowd. That’s the motivation which makes me work harder.

However, when you see the Vietnamese fans, you was quite frosty and seems like you didn’t smile much, that makes the fans feel not really close?

HJ - (Smile) Oh, it was not like that. When I arrived here, I didn’t expect that there was so many fans brought the banners and posters to welcome my first time in Vietnam. I’m very worried about the security here. I worried that something bad will happens to them and I always tell the manager to protect them. It makes me nervous so you have the feeling that I’m not friendly

Many Korean stars come to Vietnam felt very impressive on their fans ‘s cheerfulness, and even some of them felt uncomfortable because of “the crazy fans”. What about you, do you feel uncomfortable because of “the crazy fans” ?

HJ -I don’t feel like that about the cheerfulness or craziness from my fans. The cheerfulness of the fans makes me feel confident so that I could be stronger. I will have to remind myself to work harder in every movies and also in my music to make sure that you’ll always love me.

These days, you have “exploded” with the new concept, and your blonde hair in “Boys over flowers drama” was disparaged about your gender. Was that the reason why you changed your image?

HJ -(Laugh) What an interesting question! However, I’m an actor so changing the concept that make the audience “feel” my character is needed.
These days, I have changed to a strong, menly concept because I always want to bring something new to the audience. It’s the purpose that almost artists want to do.

Kim Hyun Joong sometimes look strong, manly and sometimes look cute…So how is the real “people” inside you?

HJ -I’m very manly, just think about me like that.

Recently, your song “Please” was banned because it caused a bad effect on children. How do you feel?

HJ -This song is for adult, it was banned because the culture in each country is different. But I think you can listen to it.

With the love of Vietnamese fans, what will you do to say “thanks” to them?

HJ - I’m very happy and touched because of the fans. Waiting for hours at the airport although it was late. I’ll have a meeting with you guys tomorrow. If I would have a chance, I hope to hold a concert in Vietnam in the future ^^.

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