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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

KHJ- Only Losers Blame it on Luck~

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Mystery solved! So it's not Latour, but the 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild~

Read the English translation on PLANETHYUN's BLOG, Thanks for the trans, cagali~


i read the chinese translation of the interview and something caught my attention. when sommelier lee met HJ, it was right after Playful Kiss had wrapped up. lee was worried about HJ’s state of mind since ratings were pretty bad. he attempted to console HJ by saying it’s probably just bad luck.

know what? HJ actually said it’s probably only losers who would blame things on luck!

rather unexpectedly (at least to me…), he was quite mature and cool about things. in fact, he even told sommelier lee that it might have been a blessing that he got to experience this so early in his acting career. he believes that all actors would have to go through the low points at some point in time, and if he’s gone through this early, then he’s prepared to face up to anything in future.

like i’d shared on the LKHJ FANSITE before, he’s remarkably positive. remember filming was carrying on whilst the drama was being aired. the ratings were not just bad, they were really really bad. record-breaking kind of bad.

put yourself in his shoes. you’re the lead actor and you still had to turn up for work to face everyone everyday to film. what kind of inner strength and positive mentality one would need to go through that? i think if it’s me, i would have problem going to work everyday and face everyone and still do my work well. he was able to take all that and still function normally. how on earth could someone be so positive?

or perhaps he steeled himself to think that there’s no other way out. if he were to hide, the drama couldn’t even be completed and everyone would be in trouble. if he were to let things get to him and bring bad mood to work, then the quality of work would definitely suffer. the only way is to be professional about things and still give your all. easier said than done though. we’re all human beings, how not to be affected?

it was also during that period that i was impressed by his maturity and wisdom. it takes a strong person to ride over that and ride over that so well. it was then that he had demonstrated to me he’s really quite a man.

to be honest, he surprised me a big deal. back then, the HJ in my mind wasn’t this matured nor brave. but it was a wonderful surprise and he won me over totally. such professionalism, and such a positive attitude.

嗯,还真是这样,我是完完全全地举双手赞同他的说法。 只有失败者才会埋怨自己运气不佳! 说真的,他让我感到相当意外,他比我想像中豁达成熟,似乎完全没有那种患得患失的心态。好棒!那么洒脱,那么看得开,帅!

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