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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[Translation] HyunJoong @ Wine and People

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[Translation] HyunJoong @ Wine and People
[Translation] HyunJoong @ Wine and People

(“Wine and People” writer Lee JoonHyuk, Producer Bae YongJoon. The book introduced stories about 15 celebrities that Sommerlier Lee JoonHyuk met. Kim HyunJoong’s part is contained in Page 72 – 101. It is conducted through an interview method between writer Lee Joon Hyuk and Kim HyunJoong, there are a lot of beautiful picture. HyunJoong part is contained in the Spring Section.)

Kim HyunJoong

1998 Penfolds Grange

During 1920, every 2 bottles of red wine sold in Australia one was produced by Penfolds Winery. Grange red wine from Penfold Winery is a red wine which undergo long term maturation, at least 10 years of maturation period is needed, according to its vintage quality, there are red wine which could be kept for 50 years. 1998 Penfold Grange is ranked amongst the very finest released. This wine releases exceptionally sweet aroma of blackberry liqueur, accompanied by malty and nutty oak scent, full of intensity and strong fruit flavour, it is an gorgeous wine.

Singer Kim HyunJoong met Sommerlier Lee JoonHyuk shortly after drama ‘Playful Kiss’ completed filming. Because of the low viewership rating, had worried that he might be under stressed, but 26 years old Kim HyunJoong was more matured than he had imagined.

“When I consoled him that maybe it was due to bad luck, Kim HyunJoong calmly smiled and said: ‘Only a loser will put the blame on bad luck’. HyunJoong was worried that the low viewership rating would affect the atmosphere on site, so he purposely created a lively atmosphere infront of the shooting team, he is a person with great thoughts, he had firmly believed that by experiencing these incidents which might happened sooner or later, he would be able to overcome any kind of difficulties in future easily.”

Although it was a pity for the viewership ratings, however ‘Playful Kiss’ was exported to 13 countries and regions around the world, its internet edition had also won a good result of more than 10 million click rate.

Kim HyunJoong is totally different from his beauty youth look, he is a charming man who loves soccer. Not only showing that he enjoyed soccer, but has also sponsored in the ladies soccer.

“He smiled and said: ‘Was very proud that I was a striker who was able to goal in every match, for a match of 90 mins, running around for 80 mins, running until my chest almost exploded, I could feel that I was working hard to live, the feeling was very great.’ He even joined in a celebrity soccer team, but since everybody has very high social value, their defence were not strong enough, it was a pity (laughter).”

Kim HyunJoong who gave people the feeling that he seem to have not gone through any hardship, also had his trival period. During his high school period, he was madly in love with music, eating instant noodles and playing guitar everyday, being cheated off his money earned after debut during his group activity, didn’t dare to let his parents know, but quietly deal with the aftermath arrangements, because of that he had also learned to differentiate a good and bad person. Kim HyunJoong has exposed many times that his ideal is Lee Hyori, feline styled alike girl, but currently do not have a girl friend.

“When meeting a girl, will worry how to treat her, also know that can’t treat her like treating a male friend, but don’t now the way. Maybe it is because I was always together with male friends (laugter). It is known that TOP and Kim JaeJoong are very closed to Kim HyunJoong, especially Kim JaeJoong was his best friend since trainee period, they are close pal for 6 years already, he has also known TOP for 4 years, is a friend who can get along very well.”

Kim HyunJoong said recently he is learning to drink red wine from his boss and also senior, Bae YongJoon, and is deeply attracted by the charm of red wine.

“He originally is a person who liked to drink white wine, because recently always had chances to drink red wine, so recently will always think of drinking red wine, will buy red wine when working oversea. Recently his own cellar was empty, so he has started to buy red wine again. Originally he thought that red wine was luxury item, but after drinking quite often he had unconsciously started to understand the reason of others love for it, and started to not feel that it was a luxury item. There was an interesting incident, when HyunJoong-kun was in Japan, he had chance to have dinner together with the producer, he was asked to choose a red wine that he favour, so he had chosen the only red wine that he known – 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild (Note: According to Korean fan, this wine price is above 3million won, around USD2742), they drank 3 bottles on that day, later when he get to know the price of the wine, he felt very guilty. Whether the wine was a good wine, you could know from its hefty price

source: nycgirl@soompi.com

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