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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chicago Is Calling K-Pop to Their City: Kim Hyun-Joong Summoned by Chicago for World Tour

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SS501 member Kim Hyun-joong is the latest K-pop celebrity to be in the spotlight in the Windy City. The singer and actor plans to hold a world tour later this year. He will visit his fans (endearingly called Henecians) in their individual countries across the world as a follow up to his Asia tours.
During the course of his career, Kim Hyun-joong has visited Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, and many other Asian countries multiple times. The 25-year-old is a veteran in the music industry and he has even filmed one of his music videos in California.
Chicago, on the other hand, has not been graced by his presence. Since the Wonder Girls World Tour in 2010, the city has not seen another idol star touch its soil. 2012 is the year Chicago plans to change all that. The twitter account @KimHyunJoongFan recently started an online petition to make their concert request to Kim Hyun-joong's management company, KeyEast. They are asking that his world tour make a stop in Chicago, Ilinois in the latter half of this year.
The petition description reads as follows:
"KeyEast, please hold a Kim Hyun-joong solo concert in Chicago, IL. Singer, actor, and model Kim Hyun-joong has traveled all over Asia for his diehard Henecians (fans).
However, his dedicated and supportive Henecians in the USA would love to see him live in concert here. We would like him to begin his USA tour in Chicago,IL. The fan twitter (@KimHyunJoongFan) admin., who resides in Chicago, would love to share the great experience, of attending a Kim Hyun-joong concert, first hand with the thousands of followers, who are also fans, of the @KimHyunJoongFan twitter".
The fan twitter account has over 14,000 followers from around the world and it continues to grow. Fans from far and wide express their love for the singer and share information about his concerts, fan meetings, album releases, etc through tweets to the account.
Why do they want a Kim Hyun-joong concert in one of America's most diverse and richly cultured cities?
"I have been his fan since he debuted in SS501 and I would love to attend one of his concerts. He is such an amazing singer. Please take this petition in consideration", stated Natali.
"Kim Hyun-joong is one my favorite actors/singers . It would be nice for K-pop to do tour stops other than Los Angeles or New York. I will drive eight hours if he will come! Maybe we all can get to be a 'Lucky Guy' and have KHJ come", commented Sherri.
"I am signing because I and many others in Chicago want Kim Hyun Joong to hold a concert in Chicago, Illinois in 2012", stated Lorena.
"I really want him to hold a concert here in Chicago, because he's my favorite and he's my Idol. I really love him", Julie expressed.
Chicago not only offers historically beautiful museums, monumental record breaking skyscraper heights and delicious cuisine, it is also the place America's current President Barack Obama, formerly resided.
Kim Hyun-joong debuted with the boy band SS501 in June of 2005. His band had a successful career with their hit albums including "Snow Prince", "Deju Vu", "UR Man", "Rebirth", and "Destination". His popularity skyrocket all over the world after his role in the the 2009 KBS drama "Boys over Flowers".
He began his solo career in the latter half of 2010 acting in MBC's "Playful Kiss" drama. Kim debuted as a solo artist in June of 2011 with the release of his first mini album "Breakdown". His second mini album "Lucky Guy" was released in October and he unveiled the Japanese version of both albums' hit singles in January of 2012.

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