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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa is a playboy on ‘Star King’?

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On the April 14th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Star King‘, 13 natural beauties who claimed they did not undergo any plastic surgery guested on the show and participated in a special contest.
During the broadcast, the show featured a small parody corner of SBS’s ‘Match‘ which is currently one of Korea’s most popular adult reality TV shows that features a group of men and women seducing each other and coupling up.  Go Young WookB1A4‘s Baro, and CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa participated in this corner and showed a variety of acts to win the hearts of two beauties, Lee Yoo Jin and Choi Ye Jin.
First, Baro showcased his impressive beatboxing.  Unfortunately for him, the spotlight was taken from him, when Yonghwa sang a beautiful song that matched Baro’s beats.  When the time came to choose the winner, both ladies stood in line behind Yonghwa, showing their interest in the idol.  Unable to hide his excitement, Yonghwa wrapped his arms around their shoulders and did a small ceremony to commemorate his win.
Furthermore, a young girl who earned the nickname, ‘Little Kim Tae Hee’ for her natural beauty went up to Yonghwa during the show and gave a small smooch on the idol’s cheek.  He was pleasantly surprised and expressed, “Why is my heart fluttering?” which cracked up many of the show members.
Yonghwa’s popularity among the ladies didn’t stop here, however.  Another guest named Lee Eun Binadmitted that her ideal type is Yonghwa and serenaded him with Girls’ Generation‘s “Hoot“.  Yonghwa didn’t know what to do as he became instantly shy and honestly revealed, “I’m falling for her charms.”
Check out the humorous segment below, would Yonghwa’s flirting techniques make your heart flutter?
Source + Photos: Osen

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