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Saturday, April 21, 2012

[Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye] Heartstrings Hang-Over

A K-drama addict, that's me. But I don't just watch any k-dramas available. I have my own pick of actors and actresses. And of course, most of the times, I watched dramas that gained a lot of attention and recognition. I knew my time spent will be worth it.

But Heartstrings was a recommendation by my little niece, who apparently watched it every afternoon on tv via local network. As I seldom watched television, besides news, I was not updated. I usually catch dramas on line. 

She was telling me to watch this cute romantic drama and the lead actor was a great guitarist. And so I went on line and searched Heartstrings.

I was never disappointed!

I immediately became a fan by the lead actor, Lee Shin [I searched more and found out about CN BLUE] whose real name is Jung Yong Hwa. About Park Shin Hye, I already knew her before, although I will admit that I was not really a fan. But watching Heartstrings, I liked them both, together.

What appealed most to me besides the story was the real talent of Yong Hwa aka Lee Shin as a guitarist. I love watching him play the guitars and how he made it look so easy.

Anyway, I finished watching it 4weeks ago, just before summer officially started here. Then I keep playing the soundtracks everyday. I even downloaded the videos and the songs in my mobile phone. I love "You've Fallen for Me" so much.

Ergo...I re-watched Heartstrings a couple of nights ago just to satisfy my hang-over!!! Yes! Another dose of Lee Shin and Gyu Won moments.


A good thing this drama used beautiful songs for their soundtracks. Very meaningful in every scene, sometimes painful but heartwarming. 

I Will Forget You
...a heartbreaking song

Just wish that the ending was not that soon. It seemed that the writer could not think anymore of how the story would end. They just cut it like that. Well, gwenchana...it was still good. 

BTS: Last Day of Kiss Scenes

I am still not over...Heartstrings. Will still continue to play the songs. Will always search for more news about them.

Until my hang-over is gone!

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The first time I watched I was hooked. And wrote about it.
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  1. we're the same. i'm also a fan of ShinHye and YongHwa. HEARTSRINGS is the best! i hope that they'll be a real couple but apparently they're not. anyway, i'm happy because they were bestfriends!

  2. I totally agree with your thoughts. I also am suffering from "hangover" from heartstrings. I am unable to fiish any other drama. I keep watching this drama/bts/news articles/ over and over again. The only thing different is that I always liked Shinhye but am a bigger fan now. yonghwa is sooo talented too. Love his compositions and songs. Leegyun/leeshin chemistry is perfect. Emotions shown are age-appropriate.Setting is beautiful. If only it was not so rushed in the end.

  3. Best young couple that I have seen........good looking, lovable, cute with beautiful expressions. They along with music made this drama so special and unforgettable.
    Lastly, have to commend you on analyzing the drama so well.

  4. The fact that they are such good friends might have been one of the reasons they made such a good, believable couple. They sang some of the most beautiful songs that I have seen in a drama. Great music

  5. Your Wandering thoughts did really cover lot of ground.Good job. Like your nieces taste in drama. let us know her other recomendations. Very different from other Korean dramas. None of the unnecessary melodrama. Very sweet, first youthful campus romance. Amazing music specially since I don't understand Korean. Yonghwa and Park shin hye have such good voices. loved their songs. infact loved all the other ones too. Would love to see Jung yong hwa and Park shin hye again.

  6. to all who took time to post their comments about this certain blog...a big thanks! your appreciation of this page..my blog is what makes me inspired to share more. and really happy that we somehow have something in common. our passion for K-drama and k-artists too.

    enjoy reading and always drop by!

  7. Came here for Park Shin hye. My favorite actress like yours seems to be KHJ. Will be visiting this blog again. Lots of updated stuff about other artists that I like.....Jung yong hwa, JGS, KHJ,Hyun bin, Song hye gyo, Yoon eun hye, jung so min and recently Yoochun

  8. Yup I agree with you . I am a 65 year old granny and i even watch the drama with my grandcildren coz the two are so refreshing.The relationship is sooo sweet and tender.the songs are just great. My 5 year old grand daughter just love the songs and listen to them as we have long travels. She could even identify the singers. until now i dont tire reviewing again and again.I just love the pair. Looking Forward to another drama for them.

  9. I really hope there will be a heartstrings 2. I love Park Shin Hye and Jung yong hwa together! they are sooo cute together!

  10. you have said most of the things that i have felt about the drama through this blog. Like you i also love the music of this drama and my favourite song from the drama is also "you've fallen for me". But yes i watched this series because i liked yong hwa's character of kang shin woo a lot in you're beautiful and now after watching heartstrings i have been a bigger fan of yong hwa and also of shin hye and so now i'm a fan of yongshin couple. I'll love to see them together in more dramas. Another thing that i want to say is that after watching this drama i wished to have a sweet caring and supportive boyfriend like Lee shin :P

  11. I really really luv heartstring . . . hoping that there will be another drama of their love team . . . so happy alwayz watching them and following up all news about this couple . . .

  12. I did the same thing as you, but I watched it more than twice LOL...I watched it Sept2011(as soon as it was finished) and til this day, I still watch the sweet parts over and over(after ep6;after he got over the professor infatuation) :) What's so cool is, outside of their dramas, they are very friendly and supportive of each other...ie, PSH going to their concerts and tweeting her support. YongHwa giving PSH flowers 2 yrs in a row when she won her Baeksang awards 2011/2012...YongHwa mentioning her in his variety shows(calling PSH during WGM, mentioning her in Beatles code) etc...love everything about their friendship, plus they have excellent chemistry on and off screen! Watching the BTS of YB and HS with YongHwa and Park ShinHye in it always makes me smile :)

  13. so happy that this post are gathering a lot of comments!:))
    you said it my dear readers...Yong Hwa and Shin Hye are a lovable couple and we want more!


  14. yes we want more of this couple . . . still waiting for heartstring 2 . . . i've read in jung yong hwa facts that they are really dating . . .

  15. I also love Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye and Heartstrings... very nice couple, very good friends...and yes, i am one of those hoping... kekeke... hope they or their friends get to read your blog and our comments. they have inspired me in a way ^^

  16. hello! i am so happy that this particular post is still gaining comments and seems that we like them to be together for real.:)
    anyway, please help me more by spreading the page. will be grateful.


  17. I lovvvvvvvve heartstrings .. lee shin and lee gyuwon perfect couple... i hav watched lots of k dramas .. and i like them tooo.. but neva before i hav felt this chrmistry...its so cute .... and due to this drama i hav become a couple shipper ...parkshin hye nd yonghwa r the bestest couple evr...and i wish they were a real couple too ... haters pls stop hating and support this awsome couple.heartstrings forever