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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Jaejoong...A Beautiful Friendship

I am glad that despite the glamour that surrounds every artists, they still keep something to themselves that they treasure most which is friendship. In a world of elegance and fashion, hardwork and competition, not to add envy...even friends who find themselves in the middle of all these will have a hard time and it is indeed rare for two or more people to keep the bond of friendship or even stay in touch with each other. That is why staying true to one another is already a celebration of friendship. 

And I truly salute these two amazing guys [both handsome] for keeping their friendship alive despite their being in the same industry and having to put up with being on different agencies.

I love Jaejoong and Hyun Joong's loyalty to one another.

How I love seeing both sharing the same screen and looking comfortable with each other. 

Ergo..I made some screencaps...again!

komowo to the uploader of the video...Teamjaejoong@yt

please always keep the friendship.

I added this news for a better understanding of what the video talked about...

[News] JaeJoong in MBC’s K-Pop Star Documentary for Kim Hyun Joong!

The conversation was about when they were living together for about a year.And oh yes, the scene was filmed in Jaejoong’s restaurant, BUM’s Story.
Jaejoong and HyunJoong are both very busy with their respective schedules, they were only be able to see each other in around 1- 2 months time.
Jaejoong said when HyunJoong was in Korea, Jaejoong was overseas and HyunJoong said because of his drama, he can’t go back home.
HyunJoong said whenever he had a hard time, Jaejoong wrote him a letter and put it under his pillow telling HyunJoong that whenever he has difficulties, he should tell Jaejoong.  Jaejoong told HyunJoong not to drink alone and tell him his story and he will listen to him.
And about the letter that Jaejoong wrote, HyunJoong still has it. (it’s still in his safety box, apparently!)
HyunJoong did write back to Jaejoong saying: “Hyung, I’m sorry I cannot do much for you and thank you for all you’ve done”
And Jaejoong felt a little awkward/embarrassed (?) about men writing letters to each other ㅋㅋ
HyunJoong said that even if they are in different teams, they can agree with each other a lot. Both of them said that even if they are in the same group, there’s still some things that they couldn’t tell each other about. Jaejoong said that there is pain that he has to endure himself, from the external pressure as well. (there’s something here I feel…I don’t know :/)
HyunJoong said although it’s important to work hard, it’s also important to consider the results as well.
HyunJoong really liked Jaejoong because they are able to share a lot of stories together.
HyunJoong said there is music that he wanted to do as well as with Jaejoong. They could actually exchange their music (opinions?). Like making some edits to each other’s works.
HyunJoong also said that Jaejoong will definitely write him music right away whenever he asked him to.
HyunJoong said that people are calling him the Asia Star, the Hallyu waves and etc but he thinks he’s still too young to be regarded that title. And he said people might think he doesn’t appreciate what he’s having.

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