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Monday, March 25, 2013

Updates via Twitter - KHJ UNLIMITED TOUR Hiroshima Japan 130324

reposted from Henecia Nepal ( Kim Hyun Joong's Fan Club)

awww Chingus.. will be sharing some piece and tidbits on the recent concluded Hiroshima Concert.. ^^

~~ ad MC ~~ here ^^

since we weren't able to update during the concert.. let us all relieve as if it's just happening.. kekeke... credit (on twitter) to lovingkimhyunjoong @lovig_khj, aki @Hyun_joong_, Chris Lyn @CLynHJ, Lavender @Lavender0606, @OnlyKHJtimes

our Namja started the concert with...

"HJ in all black ^^ black coat, black pants & black shirt for HEAT, Rize Up & Save Today ^^"

"Kiss Kiss in white t shirt & black vest ^^ Did the kiss kiss dance while orange, pink & blue balloons bounced around the audience ^^"

"Starling jacq said he's dancing sexily to fans keke even threw flying kiss to fans #^.^# awww..."

"HJ took off his vest for Smile ;p Cheeky boy did his butt dance on left side of stage... keke... can see clearer without vest #^.^#"

"A lot of dance auegyos ^^"

"Seems like HJ is in extremely good mood \^.^/ he's throwing kisses left and right earlier"

"Save Today"

"Marry Me"


"HJ really singing his heart out :)"

"HJ singing U... and pointing to fans left and right again ^^"

"Hj said "Starting to work in Korea. Also be prepared for World Tour.."RT @eri6296: 韓国でも活動を始めます。ワールドツアーの準備もして… - RT by aki @Hyun_joong_ on twitter

"After talk.. I'm Yours" by CLynHJ

"Two continuous Jap crowd favourites, I'm Yours & Let's Party!! ^^"

"the fans in hiroshima is getting high! he danced for let's party, dylt & lucky guy ^^"

"HJ came down from stage during Break Down!! And the fans went crazy!! ^o^"

"HJ joking after Lucky Guy ^^"

"Ok... slowing down now with If You're like Me ^^ Fans prob need this to cool down a bit keke"

"HJ getting fans to fold green paper planes & practising 'I'm your woman' again ^.^ diff is, he flew one down to a fan b4 the song today ^^"

"Alex and keyboardist playing interlude ... Beautiful mix :D"

"HJ singing Please in black t-shirt & sunglasses ^^ Cool!!"

"He forgot his lyrics in the middle for I am your man" by Lavender @Lavender0606

"He flew down his green paper plan, a fan caught it" by Lavender

"Dear all, sorry for a mistake just now #^.^# HJ left stage during Lucky Guy, NOT Break Down"

"Now is Break Down... Rock Version!!! \^.^/"

"hiroshima update: hyun joong said? “just before i sleep... (i wonder) untill when i would be able to keep dancing... My mind follow (the wish i wanna dance), but my physical strength won't follow that... I should live in hard day by day. I shouldn't drink at night. kkk RT @eri6296" by Die Hard Henecian @OnlyKHJtimes

"Wow!! muscular arms #^.^# HJ in black sleeveless t-shirt for Please Be Nice to Me ^^"

"hiroshima update: *it's abt before one hour* hyun joong seemed to say “Hiroshima suki jyaken“ meaning “I love Hiroshima.“ in Hiroshima dialect. cr: @eri6296" by OnlyKHJtimes

"hiroshima update: so funny that hyun joong said that?! “if you feel you're already tired, please go home with your bag.“ So cute hyun joong! RT @michi_loves_khj: もう疲れたと思うので疲れた方はカバンを持って帰ってください爆" by OnlyKHJtimes

"hiroshima update: ??? hyun joong left the stage without singing the last part of “Your Story. “ RT @michi_loves_khj: your story最後歌わないで下がっていきました…" by OnlyKHJtimes

"Fans getting really high during Love Like This ^^"

"Let Me Be The One is over... fans getting ready for encore ^o^ 5 songs? 6 songs? or more? ^^"

"Awww... HJ appeared on level 2 for encore! Let's Party!!! ^^"

"HJ's making his round on level 2, fans there must be ecstatic ^^ Not often for him to go up there due to security reasons... so nice ^.^"

"Starlings are getting crazy! HJ sang right in front of them for 2 min! ^^"

"HJ is intent on bringing the house down! He's standing on elevated areas, jumping from seat to seat... all over the arena!"

"Break Down again for encore! So we have 6 songs now? More? ^^;;"

"hiroshima update: hyun joong said to fans? “i don't wanna go (leave? finish??) at the end of concert. RT @ri_best: 最後、帰りたくない~~って言ってくれました(๑´ω`๑)♥私もだよぅ♪♪" by OnlyKHJtimes

"hiroshima FA: (during the concert) hyun joong towarded to his mike to fans, and fans responded to sing loudly. He seemed that he was happy to see fans singing loudly. cr: momo4562: みんなにマイクを向けたリダ。みんなが大きな声で歌うのが嬉しそうだった。" by OnlyKHJtimes

"hyun joong already left the venue. He waved his hand n walked slowly. cr: midoriminn: リダ会場出ました。
みんなに手振って、ゆっくり歩いてくれた!" by OnlyKHJtimes

awww enjoy Lovelies ^^ God bless! kiss kiss ~~

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