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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[Summary Update] KHJ Unlimited Tour + News and Official Web updates

Another summary update of HJ's activities and Unlimited Tour. This is my 3rd update...

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source: http://hyunjoongkajeablover.blogspot.com/

With his brother...



Kim Hyun Joong’s Gifs on Official Fan Club (HENECIA) (5th story…….) [13.01.29]

Credit: http://hyun-joong.com/fanclub_heneci_a/bbs/view.asp?code=fromhg_fan&idx=45079&page=1



Fukuoka 130128

Credit: @OnlyKHJtimes

- Hyun joong sang Let's party! And then DYLT, LG. 5 songs for anchor. He run out the 2nd and 3rd floor among audience seats! The last song was Let's Party! RT @piro66hj: 終わりました!ネタバレです!!Let's party歌ってくれました!Let's party、do you~、ラキガイの流れ最高です!!ラキガイ最高に盛り上がりました(≧∇≦)アンコールは曲も5曲!!二階、三階を駆け巡って最後はLet's partyで締めくくり!レポはまた後で♡
- so cute hyun joong, he screamed when he started the show, “fukuoka, are you ready? x 2, Can't hear your voice, fukuoka, are you ready?“ cr: piro66hj: 1…今日はいつもの挨拶の前の曲の間でふくおか!じゅんびできてますか!?ふくおか!じゅんびできてますか!?こえがきこえない…ふくおか!じゅんびできてますか!?もりあがっていきましょう!!でスタート(^^)/
- good evening to all, this is hyun joong. many ppl came to tonight show ! I remember that the last show in fukuoka was so hot! A lot of calls and passionated! cr: piro66hj: 福岡は前回のツアーですごく盛り上がった印象があるんですね!声援もすごくて、情熱的ですごく印象があるんです!
- rida (hyun joong) seemed to have NAGAHAMA ramen 長浜ラーメン, but there was no soju there, so he drank beer. RT @kayo1783kevin: リダは長浜ラーメンを美味しくいただいたらしい。しかし、焼酎がなかったので、ビールを飲んだ。。
- 4D hyun joong again! He says " So far I have to wear what have been ready for me because of the sponsorship agreement.. If I break or stain them, I had to buy them..." Then fans laughed out! cr: kayo1783kevin: リダのMC:とりあえず衣装は協賛契約があるから着ないといけないし、汚したり破ったりすると買い取りになると、ひとわらいをとっていた。
- hyun joong said: I'll dance all songs with band play (style) on the world tour! cr: cocotanman: またまた思い出した( • ̀ω•́ )✧ワ-ルドツア-では全曲バンドスタイルで全曲踊ります!!!って言ってたぁ(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
- I really didn't expect that rida (hyun joong) came to the 3rd floor and 2nd floor. I was worried if I would be able to enjoy tonight show because my seat was bad... But I could see him closer! I'm so happy to cry because of his kindness for fans! cr: sSchanneCN6: まさかの3階席2階席まで客席行ってくれたリダ(;_;)♡席悪くて期待してなかったけど、至近距離で見れました!ほんとリダの優しさに泣ける!だいすき

Fukuoka Day 2 130129


Credit: @lafone0606 

- He talked abt the promotion days of the destination albm; he feels that he did wrong for both of the fans and the members..The scars on his shoulder reminds him of himself when, he feels now, was a bad guy. (*It's very sensitive, we don't know what he meant exactly. Hope that there will be much precise expression, if possible)@aicocoberry: 今日のリダの言葉、Let Me Be The Oneの活動時期についても語ってくれた(T_T) ペンにもメンバーにも悪いことしたって。肩の傷はその頃の悪かった自分を思い出すって。
-  A friend of mine attened today called me to tell what Hyun Joong exactly said: " Even with many efforts, the scars of the accident on the right shoulder does not disappear. It reminds me of that day (the accident happened). Due to the accident, the promotion period became shorter which I still feel sorry for the fans and the members. I think that the scars was a gift from the God, which tells me " Be humble and straitforward ".
I am very happy now that I can do what I like.
Tonight there were many Japnese SS501 fans at the venu which includes, of course, Henecians. He recognized that by boards, lightstick (SS501) and so on. He also recognized the songs the fans would like him to sing, " Hosizora", " Lucky Days". As he did not remember " Lucky Days", fans sang for him, then he suddenly remembers the dance, telling the fans
" The dancing was like this way, right? " So touching moment for both Hyun Joong and the fans.
- The surprise song of tonight is "Lucky Day", again out of SS501 Jpn albmn. He also talked abt the days of Destination album prom.
Credit: @OnlyKHJtimes
- MC, hyun joong said, “The most thing i felt fear to be said was “I love you more than I do to my husband.“ I'm enough less love than you do to your husband. (he laughed.) Please point the person you love at the next song. (Then all fans pointed to him.) Did I say I'm enough the less before 3 second?!“ with laughing. cr: piro66hj
- hyun joong said? he recalled “星空, hoshi zora“ last night, then fans requested for “Lucky Days“. He has forgotten that, but once fans started to sing it, he remembered the dance and danced it a little bit. cr: naishizi
- hyun joong said at the end of the show, “To all at Fukuoka tonight, i'm gonna give you my gift for 7mins from now. Then he went to various spots and sing songs. cr: moco_3670
- wao, Lucky Days for surprised gift to fans at Fukuoka?! how nice ^^http://touch.dailymotion.com/video/x6uwyd_ss501-lucky-days_music … cr: saanyanir: みんなで、らっきーでぇいず歌った!!
- hyun joong already left the venue coming his half body out from the window of the car waving his hand with smile! cr: piro66hj: ヒョンジュン出ました!!ものすっっごい笑顔で窓から体半分出してゆ~っっくり手を振りながら…泣きすぎてヤバいです。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

‘UNLIMITED’ Japan Tour @ Kagawa by MurdererQ [13.01.25]

Kim Hyun Joong is assisted with scuba gear in mid-winter

Credit: dkrogers@http://en.korea.com


Singer Kim Hyun Joong recently released pictures of himself.
On January 29, Kim posted several pictures on his Weibo account with the comment, “Mid-winter.”
In the pictures, Kim is assisted with scuba gear on the snow to go under the water and he is also wearing some kind of uniform for the shooting. His superior appearance drew a lot of attention.
People who saw the pictures responded: “What is he shooting?” “He looks cold but handsome.” “I can’t wait to see him.” “He is an alive statue.”
Kim will hold additional concerts of the Japan Tour 2013 Unlimited in Japanese cities, including, Fukuoka, Osaka, and Tokyo, until March.

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