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Saturday, March 30, 2013

[Interview] Highlights of Kim Hyun Joong at Lotte DFS FanMeeting 130330

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Credit:  @kazum39 (tweet) @OnlyKHJtimes (Trans) 

- KHJ FM update: HJ: i have a day off tomorroww so i would go out somewhere. If we meet somewhere, i'll treat you something delicious. But “Not by a car“ kkk cr: kazum39
- KHJ FM update: All fans sent him “Thank you“, and hyun joong “otsukaresama deshita., 수고하셨습니다, hahahaha“ Then finished. Thanks for all updates, cr: kazum39 ^^
- KHJ FM update: There would be a surprised thing before i release my album, so pls look forward to it. Untill then, pls have rest. cr: kazum39
- KHJ FM update: Q: if you have a date in seoul, where would you go?
HJ: I know that women says they wanna take a wolk or go to somewhere romantic places, but they like department stores? So i wanna buy something at the department store, but i haven't done that. If i do, it would be media news. cr: kazum39
- Q2: HJ: i wanna keep dancing by 34years old and get married by 40years old.
And then fans screamed!
HJ: Why not? You've already got merried, pls wish my happiness too.
Q3: What does hyun joong eat for the breakfast?
HJ: i don't eat the breakfast because i wake up late, and it's already noon.
Q: You (hyun joong) said you wanted to let your hair be longer?
HJ: i wanna try an actor n singer, so i wanna have my hair style which matches at the time. cr: kazum39
- KHJ FM update: HJ: The 3rd one was the most tough for me. Usually fans feel shame (shy to do), but i'm the person felt nervous today.
Q & A time: what does the meaning of the ring on your left hand?
A: it's my sponsor's brand one, and i've used the one from a long time ago. Don't worry. If the time comesw i'm sure i'll tell you, but it seems the time would be more than 7years later cr: kazum39
- KHJ FM update: 5 fans was chose. The first fan chose “X'mas in August“, and hyun joong? took off his coat? and got into that??? together.
The 2nd fan chose PFk, and hyun joong kissed her cheek. Because the camera film run out, he did once again.
The 3rd fan, hyun joong put his face to her chest, and she holded his head.
The 4th fan, “Call love in the center of the world“ (?), They're taken photo, back to back.
The 5th fan, they had photo taken looking at each eyes like “At the corner of Once ~ ?“ cr: kazum39
- KHJ FM talk session update: HJ: I wanted to know how much i used my power, and i lost 1.5kg. I would start the world tour from Sep show you as actor at the end of this year.
MC: If you have holiday, what do you wanna do?
HJ: i don't have any holiday. If i have, i wanna prepare for a variety, album... If i try to do a lot, a day is finished. (no enough time to prepare what he wants?)
HJ: i took the master license in Okinawa, so next would be the instructor license?
HJ: I would choose “One piece“ (JP comic). It was the first time for hyun joong to make him cried reading mag. cr: kazum39
- Kim hyun joong Seoul LDF talk session update:
MC: Are there anything you (hyun joong) wanna say to fans came Korea to meet you?
HJ: I feel like i met you yesterday.
MC: Congratulation for the award fm Okinawa International Movie Festival. HJ: It's because of your support.
MC: You worked hard for 3 month JP tour.
HJ: You too. It's still cold in Korea so i've been worried if you don't catch a cold.
MC: How abt after you finished 3 month tour?
HJ: I felt how much i've been loved by all. (The support?) connects to the next album. I expect that i will be able to make the one is higher quality one. cr: kazum39

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