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Saturday, March 30, 2013

That Winter, The Wind Blows (Korean Drama) Ep.15-LIVE Recap

I will be honest, I have yet to watch TWTWB episode 15. I did not watched it live stream like I used to do. I did it deliberately because I was feeling the episode will break my heart. And I was right when I peek at the thread in soompi. My heart sank when I read what happened in the ending scene. I'm still getting the courage to watch the episode until now. So I just read the recaps. Probably will share my thoughts about the drama after the final episodes next Wednesday. Still hoping for a happy ending, though.

"That Winter - The Wind Blows (KDrama)", Song Hye Kyo, Jo In Sung

Recaps reposted from http://www.vingle.net

Airs on 28nd, 10pm! :D OY is missing OS, watching drama alone. In the meanwhile, Mr.Kim also encourage JS to participate in illegal gambling with OS. He accepts it and asks to hide his participation to OS. LJ is saying OY that OS left money. "I told him to keep it but he refused. It seems like he really liked you." OY says,"I don't wanna hear anymore. Btw, I wanna go into hospital one day later. They says I have to be healthy but it seems like I got a cold." Having drinking with OS, HS asks,"Why you didn't take the money? Aren't gonna care about your life? U refused the money and gonna gamble again for money?" She got angry. OS says,"When I left her home, I was confident of myself. I loved her and she also loved me. Before I left, she told me that she loved me. But she looked so lonely.." He cries and blames his love. Next morning, OS hesitates to text to OY, but gives up. While walking on street, he sees another blind women and helps her. OY is heading to pizza restuarant with blind children. At the moment, OS sees OY in bus and passes. He stops bus and follows her. MR sees him and tells OY that she saw him. In the meanwhile, MC visited HS but HS doesn't welcome him. MC's co-worker asks him to go to hospital. "No one knows what've tried for them. Even OS, JS and HS. Please care of urself.", he says. But MC ignores it. At that night, OY calls SW, cuz she can't take sleep because of tension of surgery. She imagines OS is reading her a book. Next day, LJ worried that he can't stay with her tonight because of work. But OY comforts him, "Surgery is tmr. That's ok." And OY says SR, "LJ gonna come to hospital around 4pm and u have job interview before 4pm. I want you to go for intervewing." SR hesitates to leave, OY asks her. Then, OY calls hospital and delay the time of her hospitalization. She also let all workers in home to take a vacation. So OY comes to stay in home alone for about 30 minutes. Going back home, LJ continually calls to OY but she doesn't take it. SR and LJ are so worried of her. At that moment, OY calls OS. OS asks her, "Where are you?" Then OY lies,"Now I'm in hospital." OS says,"No, I'm in hospital now." OY says,"Actually I'm home. I'm just scared of lying on cold operating table alone. LJ gonna be here soon." At that moment, OS hears that LJ can't keep in touch with OY. OS feels an emergency and heads to OY's home immediately. When OS tries to catch taxi, MC appears. "I wanted to see if you love her truly. I wanted to say goodbye like we met for the first time." OS says,"I will call you later. Let's talk later." Then he leaves. When MC is walking alone, Mr.Kim's co-worker attacks him. While heading to OY, OS think, 'I had to say OY that I'm sorry and I love you. Let's meet later again. You've been reason for me to keep on living. And I wanted to ask her that if I also can't be reason for you to keep on living.' At the moment when OS arrived, OY lost her consciousness.

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