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Monday, March 25, 2013

[updates + photos]130325 - KHJ FINAL UNLIMITED TOUR TODAY in Japan

Final UNLIMITED Tour in Japan

arrived at HBG Venue for ‘Unlimited’ Japan Tour Today [13.03.25]

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Updates by  via twitter

Show's started! HJ in black again ^^;; black jacket, t shirt, pants but more leathery than yesterday... rocker mode!

HJ was pointing to fans during Save Today... warming up early today ^.^

There are 4 gigantic balloons today during Kiss Kiss... specially for the final show? ^^

HJ came down onto the floor! Fan Service coming early and strong today! yeah!! ^^

HJ's now in black long leather vest, grey t-shirt with pattern, & a shiny black belt ^^

Smile from HJ... with butt shake at the end of course #^.^#

HJ told fans to point (who? who? ^^) during U... as if he needed to do so by now ^.^

I'm Yours... with fans singing along ^^ Really popular among Jap fans & HJ's singing his heart out together with them ^^

Let's Party!!! The whole crowd was singing with him! \^.^/

HJ took off his vest ^.^ DYLT & Lucky Guy now... High! High! High! High!

LOl!!! Starling jacq said & I quote, 'I am getting my aerobic work out' ^^ You go girl!! It's HJ as the instructor ^.^

Aigoo... Fans were fanning HJ when he leaned forward to drink water after the LG work out ^.^ what a sight!!

Warming down... with If You're Like Me ^^

oh... no paper planes for fans today during I'm Your Man? It's ok ^^ cos he still flew one into the crowd ^^

Please in black t-shirt & sunglasses ^^ Sunglasses are only slightly tinted... so fans can see his eyes ^^

Changed mic after Please for the amazing Break Down Rock Version ^.^

Keke... HJ got shiny bit stuck on top of his head ^^;;

And then a leaf got stuck to the back of HJ neck at the end of Your Story! lol!! ^

HJ singing Please Be Nice to Me in white t-shirt & black printed scarf... we're in the last of the regular segments T.T

Ah... HJ's skarf has skulls printed on it ^^

Love Like This! HJ moving to both edges of the stage, getting the fans worked up again ^^

End of regular segment with Let Me Be The One ^^ ENCORE coming up!!

HJ went about waving his scarf at LLT ^^ then gave it to the drummer when he's back in the centre keke

HJ started encore with Let's Party and wow! He roamed a lot around level 1! ^^

HJ made many happy again by going up to Level 2 during U encore... yes!! ^^

AHHHHH... HJ went within metres of the Starlings again! Climbing seats & going as far back as the last row! \^.^/

sorry sorry!! a bit messed up with sequence of encore songs ;p will just let everyone there enjoy the final songs b4 getting back here ^^

Aww... seemed like HJ teared up T.T

Not just HJ was affected... the lady bass player and back up singer teared up too T.T

There's a cake with all band members and HJ's name... it's farewell moment

HJ was presented with flower from band members... thanks Downhell! for being part of this special journey ^^

Moving moment... fans singing Heat without accompaniment to HJ who's tearing

KHJ Unlimited Tour in Japan has come to an end... let's look forward to World Tour 2013!! ^^

Fans lining the street outside hall... waiting for HJ ^.^

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and more photos

cre: murdererQ

KHJ Final Unlimited Tour in Hiroshima By MurdererQ
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Thank U Hyun Joong-ah!!! C U next Time!!
Yeahey  Confettisss
Wow!! Thank u @MurdererQ

Wow...! Amazing KHJ and His Fans.
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Fans waiting for him leaving , lining up along the street
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