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Sunday, February 3, 2013

[Interview] Yun Eun Hye Speaks About Yun Eun Hye

It was a hard journey but it was a happy one, in which Yun Eun Hye had found her first perfectly fitting role since Coffee Prince. With this, Yun Eun Hye showed she had again matured as an actress.

We met with Yun Eun Hye, who had recently appeared as the lead Lee Soo Yeon in the MBC drama I Miss You.

You were praised for your acting, and everyone called it a ′rediscovery of Yun Eun Hye′. How did that feel?

"To be honest, I′m very thankful. To be more honest, I′m actually pretty sad about such titles. A ′rediscovery′ can mean that no one really expected anything from me in the first place. Looking at it from a positive view, of course I′m thankful, but it may mean that I′m trapped inside a specific character. Still, I′m trying to accept it, since not everyone has seen all of my pieces."

How did it feel to be loved by two good-looking boys, Park Yoo Chun and Yoo Seung Ho?

"They′re both younger than me. Just a year ago I never thought boys who were younger than me could become men. (Laugh) I even thought we wouldn′t be able to strike up a conversation. Thankfully, the two are more mature than most their age, and so there was no problem in communication. I realized I′m at an age when I′ll have to act with men younger than me, and opened up. I think I′ve become more open."

I′m curious on how you managed that.

"In the past, I actually tried to be careful about my every move. Now, however, I approach others more openly since I′m the older one. I have to be active since they′re not that active. (Laugh) I′m happy that, regardless of their looks, my little brothers listened to me."

I can feel your acting has loosened up. How did that happen?

"I′ve become less strict toward myself, and I′ve set some things down. Many people around me helped me. I become very sensitive and tired whenever I start a new piece. Even my fashion changes. I try to live my life as my role when I start acting as a new character. The reason I don′t feel strained even when the script comes out late is because I′ve already become my role."

How many points would you give your own acting?

"I′m not very generous in grading. I was thirsty in many ways, but I did know what emotions I wanted to convey. The character wasn′t easy, so some parts were hard, but I want to give a high score to how I managed even in the cold weather. I do have my weaknesses but I′ll keep that to myself. (Laugh)"

Which do you like better: Romantic comedy or plain romance?

"I′m afraid of being pinned to any one image. I personally feel I want to do whatever fits my age best. I thought I wouldn′t be able to do some things even if I wanted to later on. I think that′s why I keep trying to look at a wider variety of characters based on my situation."

Your fashion style has been making issues. Are you interested in fashion?

"Of course I′m very interested. I′m interested, but I don′t really dress up. I do purchase collection books and try to think up ideas. I′ve been helping the sales of foreign books. (Laugh) I like looking at pretty things like furniture, china, miscellaneous goods and idea books. I buy ideas with money."

What does ′love′ mean to Yun Eun Hye?

"I never really go outside so I rarely get a chance. When I was about 29 I visited many clubs with the thought that I should start partying, but now I spend most of my time at home, watching movies."

Do you have any plans for your next piece?

"I originally planned to enter a new piece without leaving any free time in between, but it′s not as easy as I thought. I′m open to many possibilities. I′ve been talking with officials in film too, as they′ve thought my acting in dramas was good. I′ll come back with some good news soon."

Do you have anything you really want to say?

"If the public is curious about me, I′ll have a lot to show, but if they reach their own conclusions I′ll become scared even before I do anything. If anyone gives me a chance I jump on the challenge. I know that I can′t be perfect. It′ll be hard to become perfect in my eyes and in the public′s eyes, but I′m always expecting to meet a satisfactory piece like my most recent one. I think that will propel me forward as an actress."

Photo credit: The House Company Entertainment

source: http://enewsworld.mnet.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=28134&idxType=News

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