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Monday, February 4, 2013

[ChunHye couple] YEH' s Interview Revealed Much More Than Expected - Mslee's POV

I hope that before reading this, you already read my previous post, YEH's interview [pls click if haven't].

Before I wrote this POV of mine regarding the said interview, I already shared it @ChunHye thread last night and decided to post it here too.

YEH's interview gave a lot of insights and as a shipper, like you, I can't help but read between the lines. Like everyone here, my mind wonders how she came to this moment of sharing her deepest thoughts for us. It is as if those days after IMY and announcing her PC and then postponing it for awhile, she was really preparing for this and got a lot of thinking, if she is ready to open her self more. And she did based on her interview. Mulling over this for a couple more days since the cancelled PC, I think there really must be a big reason for deciding to openly laid her thoughts [heart talks] out there for us, her fans. YEH warriors kept on saying how she is as a private person, and yet, here, she answered so casually without fear of being misunderstood. I guess, she really wants to be honest to her fans. As true as she can be, so there won't be confusion later on. Because if you are a true fan, you will understand and realize what she is trying to say. Whatever it is.

the following are only some that caught my attention while reading her interview.

[ "Talking about love relationships,I've never had one that worked well.I don't think love is something you can plan. As I was shooting IMY, I really felt that I am lonely. For example, I found myself wanting to share basic daily life conversations. "I've eaten" "I'm about to sleep now" these kind of simple communications.

"I had no idea that in the past I was proceeding along in life in a hectic way. When we were shooting the drama if (Park) YooChun was shooting scenes alone, there would be some resting time and I would feel the loneliness, so instead it is better when I'm busy. I hate the feeling of being lonely when I have the free time. It might be because I'm shooting this kind of drama that I felt this way, but more than that it might be because the feeling of wanting to (fall in) love has come to me," she candidly revealed.

I invited Park YooChun and Yoo SeungHo to go eat together.

 YooChun knew how to take care of things well on his own(laugh). 

More than myself, I think it was really Park YooChun who suffered more physically. It was to the point that I even told my staffs half-jokingly,half-seriously "I know you guys are suffering too but Unnie is really fine, so in front of YooChun's staffs never ever show a hint that you guys are having a hard time".  It was something that I was thankful and apologetic about. ]

All of us here knows that sometimes, big decisions or turning points in our lives usually is because something big happened recently to us. And most likely, it concerns love or falling in love. And it is a fact that no matter how we hide it or be discreet about it, it just slips without us noticing it, like can't help but mention someone's name or smiles while talking about that someone. And most of the times, our eyes kept on looking at that someone, which was what we saw on the MBC videos, captured and a fact. Although the interview is about IMY, still, based on the excerpts translated by @amcosmicf, she talks  more of PYC in a different manner compare to YSH.

and now she wants to learn swimming! There must be lots and lots of opportunities to learn and face her fear [in water] back then, but why now? Perhaps, she wants to try this now even though she is scared, because she knows, someone will protect her.:))

Really, there is no argument if both are attracted to each other or not. Clearly, they are both feeling the attraction, hence the slight flirting, smiles and a bit of touching, which is really normal to two persons who have been in close contact for 3 months because of filming IMY. All of us noticed how electrifying alone their presence on the screen whenever they were together. It's not just pure chemistry, because I watched a lot of K-dramas and even though I see on screen chemistry between lead actors, there's no comparing how PYC and YEH are when together. I only saw that unique chemistry when I watched World's Within. Of course, it was the same with HB and SHK. And look what followed after the drama. They became a couple, though sadly, it also ended.

I am positive about this ship that I joined. Although I doubt if it will be revealed to us sooner the real status of their relationship.

I guess the romantic in me is believing that something magical happened between my OTP that' is why I am not only spazzing but really crossing my fingers for these two amazing couple.

These are gifs shared by the shippers at the thread.

2012 MBC演技大賞-記念撮影

[Eng sub] Yuchun Jaejoong video call ユチョン 유천

For now, I will just keep on spazzing on these two.


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