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Saturday, February 9, 2013

[Transcript] Kim Hyun Joong's wording To Fans at Japan Tour 2013 UNLIMITED in OSAKA

Tweets by weibo: 王小猫neko_henecia/ Trans by @baebb

- "Read online that everyone's worried. Don't be, I feel that's not a big issue. It is also precisely because of that, so I am able to be here now for the Japan tour, right?"
Throughout, HJ made no direct mention of the drama nor say the name City Conquest. He'd only referred to it as 'that'. But we all know. HJ knows of our worries, and we know of his heart.
- it's been 8 years since my debut; i think 8 years is quite a long time. but i hope not to forget my first resolve, not to forget how the heart had felt at the very beginning, and continue to work hard. changes on a daily basis may not be obvious or felt, but it will show up as significant growth in 10 years, so i'm adopting a longer term view. (japanese via piro66hj & chinese via 爱贤21度C)
-  this one's about him 'flying' paper planes during the show osaka shows. apparently he didnt get fans to fly this time around, but he still did it himself.
during the first show in osaka on 6th, his paper plane flew to the somewhere near the fourth or fifth row.
during the second show yesterday, his paper plane flew to the 10th(!!) row! wow!!
- This time before singing U, HJ said, "Now about the next song, everyone is to point at the person you like..."
Then he paused for awhile and said, "If anyone points somewhere else, then I won't walk over to that someone's side."
oppa is so direct this time...LOL!
- Khj "The next song is a new song." everyone went, "Ay...?" and thought that HJ was gonna sing something he's not sung before.
Then HJ said, "Your story."
Fans all thought they were being teased and taken for a ride. When HJ saw everyone's reaction, he just stood there and laughed heartily by himself. Naughty oppa!
偶吧说:"下一首是新歌"大家"诶???"都以为偶吧要唱没唱过的。结果偶吧说"your story"然后下面都觉得被偶吧耍了!偶吧看到大家的反应,自己在那里笑的开心坏偶吧。#金贤重#
- "There are many upsetting things in life. It has been like this up until now, and will continue to be so in the future. But, just like this... everyone's here and I'm here; we respect one another and we also rely and seek solace from one another, so we will feel that even upsetting things are no big deal."
this is the complete version that a japanese fan has shared with me, and she said these words were the most touching to her.

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