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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hello MinSul shippers out there! To al my visitors who share my love for Minho and Sulli, here's a new project for us...MINSUL TAGLINE PROJECT>

A concept by shippers at MinSul thread via soompi.com.

credit: @counsel05/@liana


Finally all taglines are in and now we are passing the ball to each and every one of you to vote for our MINSUL TAGLINE PROJECT.

Please be reminded that all of these taglines have been submitted to us by every crewmates who have thought of what is the tagline that best represent our Minsul. 

Below is the link for the poll site and feel free to share the link to other social networking sites and blogs so not only us here can have the opportunity to choose the best tagline but also other Minsul shippers who may have not yet discovered our presence. Be informed that the choices are quite a lot, so take your time to choose what you like and what you think is best.

Polls will close on February 4, 2013 12MN KST.

The winner of this poll will be announced the soonest the results are in.
The winning tagline will be used for the next project to be launched which is the Minsul logo/watermark project. Thank you very much for the support and cooperation.

Let's spread the Minsul love.

All you have to do is please join us in voting just for fun and of course to spread MINSUL.  This is a concept to make every shippers involved and be friends at the same time. I invite you also to join us @soompi.com to spazz at our Minho and Sulli and also to make friends there. 

Hope you can give your time to this small project.


oh..still got till tomorrow for this one. pali pali...!!!!

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