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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sleeping Couple-KHJ and JSM (oppa/dongsaeng couple)

News about my favourite oppa/dongsaeng couple are scarce nowadays, with Playful Kiss FM finally over. It has been a year since it was filmed and aired on television and I know that sooner or later their being together would come to an end. No more fan meets where they can be seen both together on a stage. All that keeps me smiling is my hobby to lurk at the thread @soompi and keep on reading accounts posted by shippers. 

Anyway, I posted recently HJ and SM's photos with their dogs...and from that photos came a new edited photo made by a fellow shipper mijoo_pearl.

Since it is a cute photo I decided to share it here in my page.
cre: mijoo_pearl @soompi.com

Sleeping Couple

cute eh?!

this is only a fanmade photo!
for shippers like me who loved PK!

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