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Monday, September 5, 2011

[News] Interview - 'Kim Hyun Joong' True Self Unveiled - Cute, Fun, Lively and Sexy (Thailand Newspaper)

Credit: (Byline: Hanuel seoulclub@dailynews.co.th)
English Translated by @HeneciaThailand on Twitter
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‘Kim Hyun Joong’ True Self Unveiled – Cute, Fun, Lively and Sexy

(Thai-language newspaper Daily News published on September 1, 2011)

Kim Hyun Joong was back again to Thailand to greet his Thai fans. This time round, he came back as a solo artist, without his SS501 band mates, to promote his album “Break Down”. Kim Hyun Joong also gave a special treat to 500 fans with a Hi 5 event. We could not miss out the opportunity to have an exclusive talk with the star. Let’s experience Kim Hyun Joong’s ultimate charm and loveliness.

How are you feeling so far with the promotion of your first solo album “Break Down” in Thailand? What have you prepared for the fans this time?

My last visit to Thailand is a concert with SS501, which is not long time ago. But this time, I saw many fans come to the airport to welcome me. It made me feel very warm and I’m very happy to be back here and meet my fans. I know everyone has been waiting for me. Although I only came back with a Hi 5 event this time, I’m going to have an Asia tour early next year and Thailand is one of the countries on my itinerary. Please wait for me.

Can you talk about the concept of “Break Down”? How much did you get involved in this album?

Actually, I took part in every aspect of the album from producing down to cover and logo design. I also selected all the songs. In fact, I am very dedicated to this solo album and I am very happy that it was warmly welcomed by the fans so I have to thank everyone for that. About the concept, well I looked kinda boyish in the past but in this album I became more mature and the songs are more powerful as I would like everyone to see the other side of me”

What about your acting career? Any news?

I don’t have a plan yet but as I said, I would have concerts next year so I would like to focus on this one first. After my Asia Tour ends, which is around next March or April, you will see me in a different role as an actor once again

You have worked in music and drama. Is there anything else you would like to try?

Nope. I’m having so much fun with these two.

If you were not a singer or an actor, what would you do?
I love music so I think I would probably do something that is related to music.

One minute you are being cute, the next minute you can be very lively or even sexy. What is the real Hyun Joong like?

I think what you have seen about me; being a cute boy in fun moments or the sexy side of me, it is real me because I’m not pretending. I’m expressing myself and showing myself to everyone what I am like at that particular moment.

Can you share with us the impression between yourself and your fans?

Without the love from each and every fan, I would not be standing here. Therefore, I wish all the fans would continue giving me this love. It is a good inspiration and encouragement for me to try to be better in the next album.

You are here in Thailand. What is it about Thailand that you find charming?

I have been here for several times already. I think the charm of Thailand is in its warm weather. In Korea, we have 4 seasons so whenever I come here, it’s always hot [translator: lol] that is very refreshing for me.

If you have a chance to visit Thailand on a personal trip, where would you like to go most?

I have been to many places in Thailand already. One of the places that I went to is a temple where there are a lot of monkeys living in. I want to go there again and see what they are like. Temples here are pretty beautiful and I also saw one resort by the waterfall so I would like to try staying there.

What would you like to say to your Thai fans?

I have not come here for a while but all the fans have not forgotten me. They are always attentive to me. I feel very warm and very proud of every one [the fans]. I have to apologize that I didn’t prepare any songs to sing for you but I understand that everyone is waiting for me. Do not think this is unfortunate that I only stay here for a short while because I will come back again with a concert next year. I want everyone to come to see and look forward to my works. 

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