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Monday, September 5, 2011

[Fan Account] 03/09/11 A friendly match between FC Men and FC Miracle

by 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

Credits: YES
Chinese translation: cafe & desm986968 @ HJC
English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1)
Please leave the credits remain intact when repost.  TQ! :)

I guess corrected...His car really came...Can't breathe at that moment...it's too good to be true
Maybe because he didn't brought his uniforms with him, so he just wore a blue tee, well anyway it looked good on him, even better
And that golden hair~
It's really hot in the day, luckily the field was under the treeshades with winds blowing.
Wow, Leewan made a few goals too! Such good skills, he can enter for the national football team already haha
Wah..HyunJoong also working hard too..running like a deer..hehe..like an unbeatable dog too hahaha (Side note: she's probably making a joke about Jaksal)
Seeing him working so hard...♥....♥....♥....♥....♥....♥....♥ Kim HyunJoong I love you..♥....♥....♥....♥....♥....♥....♥
It's alright if his manager spotted me, just don't take my picture....
No worry hehe there's no camera hehe

Don't know during the short resting time, when oppa sat on the bench, another oppa came & sat down too, along with manager coming in third
I'm the fifth..just then there wasn't any beverages to drink..so the manager brought McCol..
You can't drink this when you're exercising..you should drink some energy drink instead
Oppa looked at us and asked his manager 'How come they knew we're here?'
Sitting at the bench, I opened my eyes wide and stared at Kim HyunJoong beside me
But I looked away shortly after
So, I looked at front while trying to focus my sideview on Kim HyunJoong..
Suddenly my name was called, that really gave me a fright
Oppa was mumbing something..can't hear clearly, what were you trying to say? Speak louder?
Even the manager was giggling when he looked back at us

Ah, it was the story about his weight loss
It's been a long time since he mentioned about this..why so suddenly~
Two years ago, Kim HyunJoong mentioned in the Hotsun fansigning event that he loss nearly 15kg
Plus~ Kim HyunJoong also have loss 5kg during in one-month promo activities in overseas~so this is why~
Coming back here, while walking they chatted, Kim HyunJoong taking a leisure walk in the field haha~
For the fans, Kim HyunJoong have prepared 100% perfect preparation~
Someone shouted 'You really loss 5kg during your overseas activities?'
He said 'I'm aging so it's really tiring'
No matter what, Kim HyunJoong started to play soccer seriously once again

~And during the resting time~
Here comes again, the 'If Kim HyunJoong lost in the game, he'll have to treat everyone' atmosphere~
Most of them said HyunJoong should treat them for lunch since he earned a lot & some said 'We'll enjoy your treats~'
And others said 'The first loser should give the towel', but there's no towel, so have to go to their cars and retrieve it
Following behind HyunJoong, they said 'HyunJoong ah, take along your wallet too'
Don't know whether it's because of this, it seemed like HyunJoong really played hard so he'll not lose
Truthfully, the ball was rolling everywhere, can't even know the final score

Well anyway, I guess he won because he didn't treated anyone kekekeke
After the match ended, he gave his autographs to some of the fans and walked back to his car
Some fans chatted with HyunJoong, as for me, I didn't really chatted with him while walking, just made some jokes~

I shouted 'Ah~ I want your signature too~'
He turned around and looked at me~ ah..don't look at me like this
And I told him from behind, 'A Hi-5 also would do'
He said teasingly 'Why not slim down?'
Unnies walking at the side said I already slimmed down a lot~  'It's just that you can't see it'
I slimmed down on the parts unnoticeable
Jokingly said 'There seemed to be fats on your legs'
So I said 'But yours is great'
He said 'Not really'
What 'Not really'?~ Exchange with me then~

Well, Kim HyunJoong got into his car at last
And one fan brought her child along too. 
When he's leaving, he turned down the window and said hi to the little baby
Really! I wanted to get married soon, I wanted to bring my own child next time too!
Such pity~ I should have brought my toddler nephew..


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