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Monday, September 5, 2011

[Trans] ASTA Magazine (Thailand) – Let’s Face With the Coolest Guy: Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong feature in Thailand, ASTA Magazine, No. 56 Vol. 5 Sept 2011 Issue 
(Page scan courtesy of Kim Hyunjoong Thailand)
(Translated by @HeneciaThailand viahttp://dolliac.tumblr.com)
cre:  더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

Finally, the wait for Henecians, Green Peas and Series fan is over. Despite a long hiatus, the handsome hunk Kim Hyun Joong never forgets his Thai fans. He stopped by to say hi and to promote his first solo album. The star also invited the fans to join his charity project at “Kim Hyun Joong 2011 the 1st High Five Party in Bangkok” and “The Faceshop Asia Tour with Kim Hyun Joong” during August 23-24 at Central World and Siam Paragon. We have memorable pictures and stories to share with our readers.

23 Aug 2011: Kim Hyun Joong 2011 the 1st High Five Party in Bangkok

Despite his tight travelling schedule, Hyun Joong felt all perked up once seeing the warm welcome from fans. He waited for no time to get on with the interview about his album “Break Down” at Saladaeng Room around 4.30 p.m. The interview was conducted by MC Namwan – Pimara Charoenpakdi.
Do you remember the last time you visited Thailand? What do you miss most?
KHJ: It was for my concert with SS501. It’s been quite some time now but I saw that there were a lot of fans waiting for me at the airport. I was very happy.

Can you define “Break Down” your first solo album?”
KHJ: In “Break Down” I wanted to reveal another side of myself which goes beyond the idol status, my previous image. I think many of you may have already listened to “Break Down” and I also took part in the album making so I hope that everyone would check out my work.

How did you take part in the making of ‘Break Down’?
KHJ: I had a chance to try working on almost everything in this album. I produced, composed and wrote the lyrics. I also designed the album logo. I am really devoted to the album and I am very happy that it received a very good response. I really have to thank all my fans for this.

What in “Break Down” that made you proud most?
KHJ: Umm…probably the fact that I released my solo album and it was well accepted and well loved by the fans.  I really have to thank my team for their devotion to this album and thank the fans for giving me this opportunity and support me all along.

Your latest MV “Kiss Kiss” features montage of fans, memorable moments and yourself. Who came up with this concept? Can you share with us about your feeling with fans?
KHJ: I am not alone by myself anymore. I fully devoted myself to this album and I wanted my effort to deserve the love and faith that I have received from my fans throughout these times. Without the love from fans, I would not be standing here. Please give me a lot of love so I can come up with a better work ^^

Would you like to say anything to Thai fans?
KHJ: Thai fans must have been waiting for me for a long time. Although I didn’t prepare any live show this time but I look forward to seeing everyone at the High Five Party and I want today to come out the best. There are  a lot of events like this in Japan but I guess that is not so common in Thailand but it would be great if everyone comes to join me today. At the end of the year, I would start my Asia Tour. Of course,Thailand is also included in my plan. It would probably be next year [for Thailand]. By that time, I will show everyone the cool dance. Please look forward to it. *smiling*

“Playful Kiss” received an overwhelming response from audiences in Thailand. Now that you have dedicated to your music, when will the fans get to see you acting in drama again?
KHJ: After my Asia Tour, I will resume my acting career next year but I don’t have any tangible plan so far.

You haven’t been here for a long time. Did you forget all the Thai words? Do you remember any?
KHJ: Ahh…(a very long pause)  “Rak Na Joop Joop” (Love ya! Kiss Kiss! – it’s a popular phrase used among teenagers, giving a ‘cute’ feel) and “Rew Rew” (Quick! Quick)

Any upcoming project that we can expect in the near future?
 After a fan meet in Thailand, in October, I will release my new album and I’ll hold concerts in Japan in November and then go on with my Asia Tour in December. After that, there will be my series coming out.
After the press conference ended, Hyun Joong moved on to Central World to meet with fans and talked a bit more about his work. Enraptured by the heating welcome from fans, Hyun Joong said that he was very happy although he hadn’t visited here for some time. Fans still gave me this enormous attention. He has been to Thailand for the 5th time already but the time that he was impressed with the most was when he had a concert with SS501. Because of fans’ cheering and warm welcome, he felt sort of sorry that he did not prepare any performance on stage but he will not miss it next time he comes to Thailand. Later on, Hyun Joong received a bouquet from GMM and Central World executives and took group photos. He then started the Hi 5 touch event with 500 lucky fans. Besides all the gifts that fans prepared, some showed their love in a full scale, dressed up from head-to-toe in green. Some were a bit cheeky and sneaky by ambushing him with a hug. That got Hyun Joong jumpy [translator: lol! I can confirm that]. The event was constantly filled up with fan scream and happiness of Thai fans who got to experience Hyun Joong’s loveliness and his friendly personality. Before he left, Hyun Joong said “Pom Rak Khun” [I love you] in Thai. That made everyone go home with a smile and happy heart.

24 Aug 2011: The Face Shop Asia Tour with Kim Hyun Joong

For today’s event, Hyun Joong transformed his  ‘tough guy’ and ‘cool’ look and reappeared as a radiant, younger-looking heartthrob with a heathy skin (obviously, he shaved..very neatly). He took the role of the Brand Ambassador for The Face Shop. We must thank the kind TFS executives who allowed us to follow every pace of Hyun Joong and let us take the very special and exclusive pictures for everyone.

Press Interview @ Globe Bar, Centara Grand

We started off at late morning. Although Hyun Joong had to wake up early to give press interview, we must say that Hyun Joong’s “aura” did not diminish one bit. That almost made us go weak in the knees. Because of his honest, naïve smile and the straight forward answers, he drew a lot of laughter from time to time ^o^ he did not forget to act cute as soon as he arrived by greeting everyone with a “Sawasdee” (Thai greeting) “Sawasdee Krub I’m Kim Hyun Joong. Although everyone is busy, you are still so kind to come to interview me. I also would like to thank my fans for the warm welcome”

You have visited Thailand many times already. How is this trip different from your previous trips?
KHJ: Despite that, I’m feeling happier and better every time I come here because one thing never changes. Fans always give me a warm welcome. I’m very impressed.

How do you feel about being TFS Brand Ambassador?
KHJ:  I am very honoured to be TFS Brand Ambassador and feel happy to see my face around Asia. I must thank TFS for giving me this opportunity to meet all the fans in Asia.

Do you have any tips to take care of yourself and always maintain this good look?
KHJ: Because I’m an actor and singer, I have to wear make-up every day. Therefore, cleansing my face is the most important thing. If you don’t clean it well, you can get pimples. So I am using TFS Cleansing Cream. But if my skin gets dry, I will use TFS mask pack

What TFS product do you like best? Which product would you recommend to fans?
KHJ: There are many TFS products that I like but what I love the most and I use it regularly is Power Perfection BB Cream (he fetched the product and showed it to the media immediately). I use it when I go out to see my friends or do shopping because it is easy to use and convenient to bring it along. It also has a SPF. Just one product and I can leave home [translator: what a good brand ambassador!]

As we all know that there will be a charity auction for your life-size standees and personal notebook [Wine & People Book] to raise funds for the underprivileged children, how do you feel?
KHJ: First, I would like to thank Thai fans who join the auction. This allowed me to do something good. I really have to thank you. Every time I go on an Asia tour,  if I have a chance to help out people who live in difficulty, I would want to do it the best I can. At least to help better their lives. More importantly, this auction is not just my own doing, it is by the fans”

Is there anything you want to do but have not had a chance yet?
KHJ: Since I was a child, I always anted to be an actor and singer. Now I have materialized my dream. Moreover, I really love travelling. I want to travel around the world and want to travel to outerspace. In 2016, ordinary people will be able to travel to space and I’m waiting for that day (what a brilliant idea!)

We see that you like playing football? Do you have any idea to become a professional player?
KHJ: I really love football, it’s true. But I’m more confident in my acting and singing skills. Being a professional player is only my dream.

Will there be a featuring with other artist in your 2nd album?
KHJ: Featuring..yes there should be it. Let’s wait and do not forget to buy my CD! (laughing)

Did you have a chance to try Thai food? What is your favorite menu?
KHJ: I have my favorite Thai dish…(he can’t remember the name so he turns to ask the translator) what is the one that I eat often? What is it?….oh Pad Thai! (make big eyes). I always eat this when I come to Thailand. The seafood is great too.

What would you like to speak to Thai fans?
KHJ: In October, I will release my second album. Please look forward to it. In the new album, I will be “manlier” than Break Down. Next year I will have a concert in Thailand too. I will be working hard and I hope that all the fans will love my work and keep on following me krub (smile sweetly)

(Recap) The Face Shop Asia Tour with Kim Hyun Joong
After the interview, Hyun Joong had a ‘service’ for fans in the afternoon as a TFS Brand Ambassador. It was the first kind of event in Thailand which took place at Eden Zone, 1st Floor of Central World. Before fans get to meet Hyun Joong in flesh, he let us join him in charity work first (Just in case we get to see him again in next life >0
The time that everyone was waiting for finally came when Hyun Joong appeared on stage, waving at his fans. He revealed further beauty tips as a brand ambassador saying that he needed to take better care of himself. He has to apply sunblock before leaving home, take care of his skin and exercise to stay in shape. He also recommended BB cream to men because he also uses it too. Next is the lucky 150 fans got lined up to get his autographs who signed neatly for each fan on the CD cover and gave fans a sweet smile (^////^). This mesmerized everyone. He followed the activity with photo-ops with 15 Top Spenders and bidders at the Face Shop outlet located on the second floor. This part of the event got other fans waiting outside the outlet let out their ear-splitting screams because Hyun Joong gave a special service; be it a hug, an intimate arm-around-shoulder pose or a sweet heart-melting smile, he got it all. Lucky fans went on cloud nine.

(Recap) The Face Shop Asia Tour @ Beauty Hall, Siam Paragon
Finishing off with the autograph session and photo-op with the first group of lucky fans, Hyun Joong rushed to Siam Paragon because of the overlapping schedule. The event started off with the usual auction. The second standee started at 5,000 THB (166 USD) and closed at 60,000 THB (2,000 USD) while his diary [Wine & People Book] opened only at 1,000 THB (33 USD) but the price soared at 100,000 THB (3,333 USD) because this copy isn’t available elsewhere. The bidder is the same one who won his sneakers and also the same Top Spender. We gotta call her the true fan of Kim Hyun joong.

This time, it’s Hyun Joong’s show time. He made a cool opening by walking down the escalator among the fanscream and went up on stage to do another round of interview. Despite that, there was still a smile all over his face. He kept waving at fans and kept looking arounds in all directions because this would be the final activity in Thailand. He won the heart of all Thai fans. When the time to hand over the auctioned items and take photo with the rest of Top Spenders came, everyone tried to make the most of this moment. Hyun Joong again gave the service to fans. Whatever pose, he was kindly obliged. Hyun Joong left with sweet words for fans

“Today is my last day in Thailand. I feel pretty sorry about that but I would like to thank all the fans who came today. After I go back, I would be working hard and bring back the new album, which should be around October. Please look forward to it and give me a lot of support. I will definitely come back to Thailand. Thank you. Pom Rak Khun Thailand [I love you Thailand].

That wrapped up the mission of Kim Hyun Joong in Thailand. With all the memorable moments, everyone want to say we love you too, Hyun Joong. [end]

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