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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jang Ok Jung Recap + Screencaps Episode 6

I'm sharing recaps from vingle.net for the meantime. I haven't been able to catch up yet on the drama. But will try to write my thoughts once I finished the episodes. I'm still re watching episode 3 as of now with English sub. And earlier tonight, I was late tuning in to live streaming.:)

Recaps credit :  http://www.vingle.net/posts/131728-Jang-Ok-Jung-living-by-love-LIVE-RECAP-EP6

KARA, Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Ah In

When they go back to hiding place, LS decides to attract them but suddenly OJ is reminded her mother ! Already people who are the owner of her mother arrived at hiding place...they take her mother captive. In the owner's house, the mistress is about to punish crimes but the dagam appears in front of them and take caution to her wife, mistress. Just before searing OJ's face with an iron, he stops it. ( Huuuuuuuu .....what a relief...it is really close to her face) In the cabage,,, she considers what she has to do from now and she decides to enter the traditional place. The dagam who told her to be a court lady accepts her suggestion. OJ works at the place especially making the traditional clothes and she makes a promise that if she gets a power then it will be shared with him. Oh ! Hu dagam who sent the swordsman pretends to be worried about him.( LS ! He is the crimer !) LS already know this so he uses him and pretneds to trust him. hehehe Anyway Hu dagam discusses it with his people. including JH, the son in law of JH... they think that LS has a weak power now. so even though he knows the truth, he can't do anything. At that time, JH's slave calls JH. 'Lord you have to be hurry' JH faces with the dagam who send OJ to the traditional place. The dagam: Hmm.. I don't bring her up like that, the way you did. Do not bother her and her mother anymore. If you have a little mind commiting a treacherous behavior, please stop here. JH's actual plan is making her as a son in law, (go dagam)'s wife because if LS dies, he can be a king. huh? In the street, JH sees the king by chance and JH realizes that LS who JH sees him at the last festival is a king in Joeseon society ! wow ! Anyway JH allows her to enter the traditional place and he warns that you cannot escape from my hands. JH...MEET someone ( Who is he?) Oh he is OK's brother maybe he appears this drama at first. handsome handsome The mother of LS, queen visits IK who is a crown princess. The queen helps her to have a baby with the king. (Huh? but why does she help her? Actually IK is not the one who she wants. ) Anyway the both play the game. look happily.. hul....cruel LS..... He says to her wife that the marriage of convenience is like that. to be shows by others ! So that's it for today. Hu dagam and LS play go. When they do this, they make a deal. At first, LS is going to visit the birthday party of Hu dagam. Actually at the day, they plans to attack the king. and for LS, he wants to recall Joo dagam who can hold keep in check the both power. In the room making the traditional clothes, OJ already makes a friend ^.^ Oh the captin of this factory comes to the room. Wow really stick and picky ! There is a court lady ....who was OJ's friend in the past. (You know that? in the past she locks up the door and after few minutes someone who is JH's side makes a big fire. Therefore OJ was in dangerous situation ! ) On the birthday party of Hu dagam !!!! If the guard warrior is late a little.... he can be death..... Please be careful. OJ is doing the laundry ..in the past there is no washing machine so she has to do it by her hands...her pretty hands... Other people from her workplace bothers her because of her class. They are bullying her cruely... In the festival, the sword performance starts.... sword? ....stab it to him??? Oh no.... Why the sword performance..there are a lot of and other kinds of performances !!!!!! Anyway JH confueses when he watches this..because he is worried about OJ...She enters the traditional place and they know each other already...he counts the profit and loss.. and he gives a hint to DIH. JH: But....it is too late.. be wait I took a step..

screencaps from https://www.facebook.com/JangOkJung

For now these are my updates on the drama. Hoping by next week, I am ready to post my own recaps and screencaps and reviews.


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