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Monday, April 22, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] When a Man Loves - When Han Tae Sang Falls Deeply in Love with So Mi Do

When a Man Loves finished it's 6th episode last Thursday, with Mi Do wearing the engagement ring as a pendant.

The story even from the start tells about a man who became a thug/gangster  fell in love with the daughter of one of the client who could not pay the amount of money borrowed from the lending company where he worked for. He showed crudeness and shrewdness to the father but seeing how this feisty and strong girl fighting the mob to protect her family immediately brought familiar feelings to him. The girl was even so proud, not intimidated and promised to pay the amount together with the interest. He was surprised and interested, that's evident, when he gave her a chance to meet him on the designated time and place promised by the girl. His tough outlook became weak and despite the ire of his hoobaes and his president, he did not bother to question his decision. He was ready to give her a chance.

And from that moment, the girl named Mi Do, captured his heart. He felt protective of her, but the reality that they don't suit each other blocked any move he may have done to pursue his feelings. Instead, he did it by supporting her studies , giving her allowance money, even though she doesn't want it.

Now seven years later, another chance came for him and Mi Do. Their paths crossed and he did what he had to do, that is continuing his support to the family amidst her protest. She even landed a job on his company. But through all this good deeds, still Mi Do is apprehensive. She knows gratitude and to be thankful for towards Han Tae Sang, and is trying to like him. When she defended Tae Sang in front of her father, it was clear that she is giving him a chance and that their relationship turned another notch. They became a couple starting a relationship.

Despite Mi Do meeting a new acquaintance in Guam, Jae Hee, she is firm in her decision to be with Tae Sang. Even though she sometimes feel the pull of attraction because of the happy circumstances they shared, she knows it is Tae Sang she is willing to be with. She even rejected Jae Hee twice already, making it clear that she is interested in someone else.

Han Tae Sang's love for Mi Do is absolute. It is true. And he is powerless in that kind of love. He became a man who's weakness is So Mi Do. He will do all for Mi Do, even if he continues to hurt Baek Sung Joo, the woman who has been confessing her love for him. Han Tae Sang is trying to be a good man for Mi Do.

But what if misunderstanding keeps on brewing between him and Mi Do. With Mi Do's half lies and secrets, it will soon be discovered by Han Tae Sang. She chose him over Jae Hee, but that fact, Tae Sang has no clue. He never really know what she feels for him. His excitement over his proposal was doused by cold rejection of Mi Do. The fact is, they could not meet halfway. Both are too silent to express how they feel, what they feel. Both are handling the relationship with cautious.

The intensity of Tae Sang's feelings were revealed the night he proposed and got rejected. He almost accepted Mi Do's rejection, but in the end, he did not. He run after her, poured out his pent up feelings and apologized for his thug behavior and trust the ring on her while wearing the other one on his finger and telling her to do what she wants to do with the ring.

This moment is crucial for HTS. He gambled on his feelings. He may loose her totally after loosing his cool. Still, he left it to destiny.

The following morning at the office, he is seen wearing the ring, but Mi Do's fingers were bare. Sung Joo smirked realizing the situation. But not seeing when Mi Do showed Tae Sang the ring she is wearing as a pendant on a necklace. Tae Sang smiled happily. He is in love with this woman who turned his life upside down. Mi Do is still the secretive one.

When a man falls deeply in love with a woman. how will he handle half truths and secrets? Will his hurt turn him into someone ruthless towards the woman he loves?

Although I am anticipating this scenarios already, still I am hoping for Han tae Sang's understanding. Hoping that his love is enough to forgive So Mi Do's wayward feelings.

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