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Friday, April 26, 2013

When A Man Loves - Is Seo Mi Do Still Confuse About Her Feelings?

Episodes 7 and 8...is SMD still confuse of her feelings?

Jae Hee found out.

Seeing how MD acted last night to JH as he tried to avoid her coz he was hurt, I think that it was something like an infatuation on MD part [that is natural coz they spent a very memorable moment, which can not be erased in her memory coz it's a first for her,] and it's understandable, but an infatuation that can easily be dismissed just as she had done.

She felt flattered by JH attention to her, who would not? and seeing that the guy who always insist his presence on her and who is always nice and understand her dreams [because she was comfortable telling him hers] is now being aloof and stiff around her without any explanation. well, anyone in this situation would also feel surprised and felt somewhat sad. after all she found friendship in him. the communication between them is more open and easy, compare to HTS, MD looks at him as a protector, provider and of course the age gap is there. 

MD and TS are still in the process of getting to know each other, and while MD is trying her best to accept TS and be affectionate to him, both are still uncomfortable when it comes to communicating towards each other. Hence, the secrets. But I like how MD really tries here. Without JH and SJ around, I think she will fall deeply in love with TS but coz there are forces that confuses her, coming from those two, she is apprehensive from time to time. but when they are together, TS and MD, they really are enjoying each others company.

I have a feeling that when tragedy struck, that's when MD will finally realize TS worth and how she truly feels for him.

 TS doesn't need to apologise to JH. He did not do him wrong. In the first place, he loved her first. If it's destiny for MD and JH to be together, it should have happened 7 years ago, when they first met. They are both free, he knows where she lives, nothing to stop him from getting to know her and she him. But fate is not for them. It's for TS and MD to be together.

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