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Thursday, April 25, 2013

When A Man Loves Episode 7 Screencaps Update + random thoughts

Random thoughts on tonight's episode. Will post them first. I have to watch the episode with sub before I share my full thoughts.

1. Loving someone is fine but being devious is something else... SJ is definitely doing a great job of being one. Buying the same ring is an act of desperation on her part. She wore the same couple ring TS gave to MD.

2. I think there's a big misunderstanding here. JH thinks SJ is wearing TS ring, and maybe he'll think that TS is having an affair with MD. He saw them finally inside the bookstore, while the two couple were kissing. oh no....but I'm happy that finally he knows who MD is talking about, It's TS she is beginning to like and seeing tonight's episode, it is clear that MD is giving her undivided attention to TS and avoiding JH. She is doing her share to make the relationship with TS work.

3. JH could have mentioned to MD that CH is his brother but kept his silence. Why did he do that? He could have defended his brother's image to his office mate. 
 JH and TS talked on the rooftop about CH. JH now realized what CH went through defending and helping TS, he was jailed for a long time. Maybe if the relationship between TS and JH soured coz of jealousy on JH part, then JH will think that TS wronged his brother.

4. I hope that MD will not be easily fooled by SJ about the ring coz she knew how TS reacted when he tried to give her the ring but she refused. She maybe intimidated by SJ's closeness towards TS, but I hope she really knows and believes TS sincerity. I also love the effort MD took to cheer up TS after his frustration towards his uncle. She is making that step towards TS and asserting herself as the girlfriend who will always be there whenever he needs her.

5. I think the paper MD found inside TS jacket was a list of things about dating. the back hug I think was listed below, and MD pointed it out to TS and he did the back hug.

Cute TS crumpling the paper when found out. [will wait for sub]

6. There's a lot to look forward to on this drama and it is only starting to unfold the real situation of TS and MD to those around them. I love suspense, nail biting, seating on edge drama [the quadruple love angle is on]  and having high hopes that WAML will satisfy me as a viewer. 


this is got to be my favorite scene tonight...

and my most favorite of course...the KISS!!!

at last!!!

Jae Hee was outside looking in when the kiss happened.

tomorrow's going to be exciting!


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