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Monday, April 22, 2013

Updating... Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love - Recaps + Screencaps Episode 5

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KARA, Yoo Ah In, Kim Tae Hee

Characters Kim Tae hee was casted in Jang Ok Jung. Yoo Ah in was casted in Lee Soon. Hong Soo Hyun was casted in Queen, In Hyun. Jae hee was casted in Hyun Chi Soo. Lee Sang Yeop was casted in Lee Hang who is a cousin of Lee soon. Han Seung Yeon was casted in Choi musuri, the king's concubine. Let's start -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jang Ok Jung (OJ) shows the traditional clothes to IH who is picking the clothes to wear when the day for picking queen from queen. But IH doesn't like her clothes because OJ explains that this traditional clothes is made to get love by guy. IH thinks it is too low. When they are gone, OJ catches Choi who already robs the traditional accessory. She doesn't apolozie to her so OJ decides to present it for her. OJ is a traditional clothes designer in the Joseon Dynasty period and she is a daughter of slave. (Did you see it? Becasue her mother is slave, the owner of her slashes) She holds the banquet for the traditional clothes. wow really beautiful ! but...at that time, someone comes in and let people know that she is a duaghter of her slave who lures her husband. OJ is little embarrassed but soon she takes her heart and explains this is my festival invested a lot of money for these people so please get out of here. At that time, Joeseon Dynasty is a subordinate state of China. So Chinese servants are waiting Crown prince. To run out the clock, SY performs geomungo, Korean musical instrument. Oh actually crown prince persuades Beok lord to be familiar with China. Other sevant actually who is wearing the red clothes has a plot not to come them in the royal palace. However he finally comes in the palace with his wise tirck. OJ is worried how to deal with this happening. Before cancealing this order, she delievers this clothes to duchess. But they already know who it is. After she's gone, they badmouth about her. In the matchmaking, oh ! the massage is changed !!! So the king, Lee soon (LS) meets OJ. Ah ~ now i know why she is in here! the duchess who ordered her traditional clothes is actually going to matchmake with SY and give a order to make traditional clothes. OJ makes money to solve her mother from the owner. The parental cousin, Jang Hyeon (JH) block it everytime because he wants to make the world in his hands with her. OJ doesn't like it so she just runs away. Actually his daugher is a court lady who has to love only the king, His father made her to do that. She hugs him to his bosom..but they are found this....so she was tortured.. In old days, OJ and her family who are slaves are pleased to help themselves from traditional policemen. JH hands out a lot of treasure to save her daughter. Beok lord throws it away because he thinks status is the most important thing in this society...before people. From then, he feels angry about caste system. Therefore, he is planing to conspire rise in revolt. When she was young, her mother was captured from the policemen ...and she made the clothes for dead people for his father. After his death, JH looks her with the warm view. JH: You are JOJ, right?


Yoo Ah In, Kim Tae Hee, KARA

Characters Kim Tae hee was casted in Jang Ok Jung. (OJ) Yoo Ah in was casted in Lee Soon.(LS) Hong Soo Hyun was casted in Queen, In Hyun.(IH) Jae hee was casted in Hyun Chi Soo.(CS) Lee Sang Yeop was casted in Lee Hang who is a cousin of Lee soon.(SY) Han Seung Yeon was casted in Choi musuri, the king's concubine.(CM) Until this ep, i will introduce the characters because you can misunderstand who i'm saying ^.^ In last ep, OJ shows her talent about designing traditional clothes but she is slave..In joeseon society, once you are low of birth, you have to live with humble station in life. Though severe discrimination in caste system, she tries to overcome this society. However in the past, her cousin who has upper status than her but still just commoner lost his daughter because of these system so he wants to change this world with OJ. Maybe today it airs about OJ's childhood. ^.^ Let's see what happens today In the traditional palace, LS (wearing purple clothes) is revealed when he smokes to SY. LS wonders how to act to be a strong man! .. (Did you see it? SY teaches so strange things like spitting.) The king calls for his son, LS. Min daegam who is a yangban in joseon society. (Yangban means umm...how can i explain it.. it is upper level, is familiar with nobleman. but exactly in this drama he is greedy) OJ is hanging around the house. The lady of the house wants OJ to learn the design of clothes but JH, her cousin wants to bring her back to his house. At that time OJ comes out and she says to him that she wanna have a suit made. Before going out, the lady mentions someone who has something with JH. Actually someone is a brother of her. (We don't know exactly what happened in the past between her brother and JH) In the clothing academy, OJ shows her talents to these students. Her teacher feels really proud of her. However one student reads the little erotic book, OJ overlooks this but she watches the shape of wearing clothes through the book. When she finds another book, she faces with LS. LS and OJ run away from robbers. In the street, two groups are fighting each other oh really messy. As the crown prince, he tries to stop this by turning over the basket. In the middle of the street, JH who gains commercial supremacy runs into Min yangban. Even though JH is really rich, his status is just commoner. Compared to Min dagam, he has to lower his head. To show his power in front of people, MIn dagam order him to burn his carriage that is usually taken by yangban. LS reminds her everytime....he always think about her. One student tears the clothes to pieces because of jealousy. CS put the medicine to OJ's leg. At that time other students talks about him behind. He is adopted son ....when he seemed like a bagger, teacher brought him in the house and decided to adopt him. To keep the promise with her, LS goes out the palace pretening SY as a king. He returns the book back to her. Under the tree, LS wants her to be his wife so he makes a promise that meet here at the same time after 4 days because after 4 days there is important meeting for me. As soon after my conference, i will come here surely! In front of the door, they still have a meeting but because of bad condition of his father, the king, he comes in the room. However it is the thing that invades the servants' power. So the day when installing him as a crown prince, the servants desperately oppose it... (He still thinks that all the power has to come from the king ) But the king's power is really weak these days...so he apologize in front of them... his servants. He wants to be a king accepted by the public, not yangban. At that time, OJ is still waiting for him but nobody comes there. She wants to put on the clothes that if she washes it completely, it can change her even her status. She believed that he brings this clothes to her...but he doesn't...or can't.... Anyway the teacher comforts her ..to avoid this situation, you have to be armed...exactly money To prepare her market, JH has a plot to set down her market. Actually it is burning the clothing....JH ...REALLY BAD.. (Are you sure it is right way to win this game? It can make people dead !) (OJ is in there....One student just plays a trick because of jealousy....) To save her, her teacher comes in even though fightflare..


KARA, Yoo Ah In, Kim Tae Hee

LS is fighting against with his servants. LS : With these weak words. how could we protect our servants from foregin raiders . At that time, IH comes to meet LS. DIH requires him to come the festival because whether he can come to the traditional place or not depends on him. The majesty ordered him to deliever LS in this festival (Maybe she wants IH to meet DIH) In the festival, DIH is pleased OJ's uncle, JH to come her here. DIH looks after her. When she is looking for the book that is given by DIH, LS is also in there. LS reminds her who met in the past. At that place, the other couple oh the man is cheating her ! Like she said that give her back masterwork inkstone hehehe. On the other hand, other guys and girls are rude to OJ. ( What are you doing guys ? They say like oh you're legendary fox with nine tails. Do lure us hehe be a cupbearer for us ! ) What a disappointed the hierarchy society!! LS pretends to not a crown prince, he lies to her that he is a servant who attends to king. And he explains to her that the girl who I hugged a few minutes before is my younger sister. So don't be envy for her. LS: Why do I have to excuse myself for you, huh? In front of the traditional palace, OJ faces with IH. They both, watch the flame. IH : I don't like these flame because it seems like the life that brights for only short time and then disappears....so I feel.. sad ..i wants to live a life like moon. OJ: No...when I saw this, my heart is founding. Even if we can only live once, i wants to live a life like flare. ( .....good saying ) Still, she feels afraid of fire... when people who requires her the money comes to OJ, she wonders who could she make money. The king, LS... opposes Min lord's idea... Min lord considers him ridiculous because he holds hand with his Majesty. LS makes public that selling right of military uniform gives to country commercial supremacy. OJ visits JH whether how she could give money back to others and OJ suggests one thing that she can make military uniform in this competition. I will deliver the selling right to you. JH allows to her suggestion. In the competition for picking the queen, there are two people. One is IH and the other is Soo ah si( Ah si means the girls who are daughter of noblemen) Soo ah si asks OJ to make her clothes and she allows it because she can feel Soo ah si's sincere. ( You know that? this is first competiion and ...times passes by ..second competition occurs and then when only 3 people left, the king only picks one people. Other two people have to live alone forever without marriage...what a sad story.... so there are many stories related deep resentment in Joeseon.) In the first competition, the oldest woman who is mother of the king also comes to this but ...queen of this traditional palace feels uncomfortable this. She has real big power compared to oldest woman. Two strikes sparks of each other. Oh but the skirt of soo ah si who OJ takes care is get dirty. So OJ is hanging around to find the skirt. Meanwhile, she meets LS accidently. LS helps her to get a cloth and he wonders whether we've met before. Anyway at the festival, soo ah si and IH do succeuss for this competition. hehe especially the pin that SOO puts on is prasied by queen. ( It is recommanded by OJ) On the way the destination, DIH and OJ are attacked by robbers! Be careful OJ. ... THEY ARE on the edge of valley. ohohohohoh... OJ falls down the water .


KARA, Yoo Ah In, Kim Tae Hee

DIH is searching for her who fell down the waterfall. (What happens to her? I hope...everything is going well....) Oh... i'm glad that she is all right !! But no one can find it. OJ comes to the military range, (you know that she peeps how soldier move when they are fighting. she has to design the most practical armor.) One of LS's servant opposes she observes military soldiers' training but LS persuades him that actually she is crazy...i've seen her before. just let her do that. hehehehehe ( I know you has ulterior motive for her...you are interested in her !! ) Anyway in the training range, he helps her to do acting. LS: Tomorrow, we have hurting competition, so you wanna see how they act with their armor come to me. ( Still DIH is searching for her actually she asks his servant that please let him know my place..he will be worried about me..but he doesn't allow to do it because secret of military service. Meanwhile OJ is hanging around the mountain..oh she faces with robbers...be careful...why do you always hang around alone...these days are too dangerous to walk around as a woman!!! LS saves her in difficult situation. But even the robber catches her as a hostage, LS shoot the arrow...if he misses his arrow, OJ can be dead. So even though he saves her, she feels angry to him. Oh the king, LS's father spits up his blood.... LS leads the horse she take. LS suggests that tomorrow go to watch sunrise together, If you are with me, i will tell you the truth tomorrow...who am I and my real dream. In the lodging, LS talks with his servant about OJ. His servant is worried about his behavior..he thinks he can fall in love with her but LS says in no certain terms that to be my wife, the status has to be more than 1 poom. She overhears this...and get disappointed. Tomorrow, LS has to leave early because of his father. With notice that cannot go to watch sunrise with you, LS runs away. OJ closes her mind when his servant notifies this and warns her that do not put him in your mind. When she returns home, her friend and DIH is worried about her. Anyway she finishes her armor, she put the iron in it. When the day of test armor, he picks OJ's armor! hehehe Wow what a good skill but you know that? King and his mother contrasts his idea. (The queen, his mother has been given many treasures from Min dagam.) Because of the protest of parents, he gives up his decision. OJ feels upset..bacause if her armor is failed to choose, she has to hold her hand with her uncle JH who has a desire to change the world. Um...before third final of becoming crown princess, JH seeks how to delete IH who is daughter of Min dagam. OJ visits to meet her mother...(Her mother is slave...so she is looked down by others..especially her owner) OJ suggests that why don't we just run away from here. We don't have to be captured from others ! On the day of third competition, IH's mother is dead.. maybe it is because of JH's trick. On the condition to become a crown princess, she has to have both parents but her mother is dead so she is not qulified to become a queen. (Her father already took a step) Before the day, LS visits the other dagam who put her daughter on the competition. They took a deal that he can give you a place as a king's father in law. Oh... so his daugher becomes a queen. Wow despite opposite of her mother and Min dagam, he pick her as a queen. OJ is crying...why she is crying ..maybe it is because of her mother who is treated poor by the owner...


KARA, Yoo Ah In, Kim Tae Hee

On last ep, the crown prince LS picks up her crown prince who is daughter of second power, not the first power. Wow.... but their love line is still slight !! I wanna more and more stronger love line ! Are you ready everyone? In the funeral of her mother... IH has a concern... Her father, Min dagam persuades her to become a royal concubine...wow but she still doesn't give up becoming the queen. IH: father..the place of queen has to be sacred...it won't happen with blood because of me... and if I really desire to become a queen...it will happen in the future. In the wedding night ^.^ LS and his queen. (Oh so embarrassed...) (Everyone do you know that? In joeseon society, court ladies are hearing what happens in the room in front of the palace and even they orders what is the next step how to do it..) All of the sudden, the servant hurries ... The servant : The king is in critical, you have to be hurry. In front of the room, most of servants expect Min dagam will be a servant who hears the last will from the king. But Hugak dagam will be the servant contrary to their expectation. Anyway the king passed away. LS prepares to defeat Min dagam's power. In his wedding with the queen IK. LS's mother gets angry about his act that pick up the other queen who she doesn't like. Before OK entering son in law of JH because of the promise with JH, she prepares her mother's clothes. When she drops by her mother's workplace, her mother is beaten from others.... because she is found to enter dagam's room. After the punishment, OJ comforts her that please take care yourself mother. OJ: i will never let you be alone....please my mother. In the Min dagam's house, the servants who are his side are waiting him to come back the palace and work again... because due to the king's will, Min dagam is kicked off from the palace. Hugak dagam requires LS to get higher position. Huh LS feels embarrassed that even if they change the donation of rule, the servants still same.... they just require high position...and they don't care much about the people in the country.... The mother of LS calls fortune teller to see the destiny of the crown princess. After staring at her face, the fortune teller delivers that the crown princess will be changed. and the court lady who is opposite of you...make the big blood brows here!! When she heard this, she expelled court ladies who is the grand queen's side. In the war of nerves with the queen and the grand queen, grand queen feels disappointed because she never gives a birth but the queen already has a son. The grand queen deicides to bring up a court lady and she is searching for the proper lady... (Maybe she can be a OJ) In the hurting ground, the people from JH's side attack the king, LS. (BE CAREFUL LS!) OJ hires the people who helps her mother escape from her work place. When they escape, they found someone who is lying in the stone...!!!! he is LS...!!! What a coincidence haha.. JH realizes that OJ escapes with her mother. He is asked that look in every ships going to other countries. Still, the people from the palace including DIH are searching for the king in every mountains. At that time, the son in law of JH faces with DIH. He looks whose side is he on. In the conferencce with JH, they decided to attack the palace after two days if at that time the king LS still doesn't appear to the front. LS and OJ. LS: Why don't you ask me that in the past why I didn't make the promise and who am I? OJ: You might have a good reason....i understand. People now are finding where they are. LS asks her to go together with him but she denies it ... OJ: Now....i can't....tomorrow i have to leave here with my mother...but someday....if we go back Joeseon again....then where could I go to meet you...?

Episode 5

some scenes I missed tonight...

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