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Friday, April 26, 2013

[HyunMin couple] KHJ and JSM - Coincidence or Not?

After three years...sorry, I'm not really sure but really, it has been a long time since Playful Kiss, when everything has died down, though I still ship these cute couple, I seldom visits the thread anymore. From time to time, when I am in the mood to make caps and edits, I'd try to see some similar things that connects them.

Now, a chingu from the thread ... @estanyela had posted an amazing edited photos for comparison. But then again, there's really no need. It's there for us to see.

A hint or a just plain coincidence? As a shipper who believed...I'd say it's another hint. Even the color of the couch, the pillows are the same. It has to be the same place or they really have similar taste!


This could be the same place too. Look at the lights shining on MinMin and the glass windows at the back of HJ...at the back of the couch. It could be the same place where MinMin sat in the first pic.

wow, I'm grinning here.

oh and a bonus pic to analyse...

credit to Alin14 and Hyunmin24 at HyunMin thread...


hmmm wonder who the guy was at the back? the nose is pretty much familiar but I won't guess. But I could dream, right? :))
the height is just right, too!

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