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Thursday, April 25, 2013

When A Man Loves Episode 8 Screencaps Update

The impact of learning the truth about TS and MD is devastating to JH. He felt the blow of sadness and pain inside his heart. He truly loves MD. But then again, even in Guam, he was already rejected and MD did tell him about the other guy she chose over him. It was clear to JH, even though he feels the attraction of MD towards him. I believe it is infatuation on MD part but it's natural for they shared happy moments. But even infatuation can be easily dismissed if a choice was made and she made it.

TS is still left in the dark. He has no inkling of the real situation surrounding MD and JH. He is a man who has just found love and starting to enjoy the bliss it gives him with MD around. He is always smiling and excited. 

How long it will last, I'm sure it's gonna be soon. 

The writer has weaved a web of deceits, lies, secrecy and confusion in this story of love between MD and TS. There's still so much to unfold and the characters are taking shape as the drama progress. I am hoping that all will be justified in the end and not be done in haste like some drama.

I think the story will continue it's interesting plot. The fact that I feel nervous every time MD is enjoying JH company makes me want to bite my nails, anticipating a mistake or a major turnover of the story.


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