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Friday, April 5, 2013

That Winter, The Wind Blows - mslee1107 Final Thoughts

Oh Soo and Oh Young's story comes to an end in this finale episode of That Winter, The Wind Blows. 

I won't make a recap of the last two episodes, but will rather share my views about the ending of the drama. To be honest, I have always said in my earlier post that I was looking for that chemistry between the lead actors JIS and SHK. Though I found it later as the drama progressed, still, there's something lacking between them. I admit how each acted their own characters in an awesome level, but, on the whole, the story left me so many questions until now, I was really hoping they would be answered explicitly on the final episode. Still, I was left confused.

The drama is good, but I, as a drama lover would not consider watching this a second time. Sorry to all Wind Blowers who might happen to read my opinion. I endured and patiently watched until the end, hoping to feel in love with  it. Again, it's because the story did not explain why or how. There are so many characters besides the couple, but their presence weren't justified. Even the death of Moo Chul, for me as a viewer, I don't relate what's the purpose. Secretary Wang's reasons are not disclosed fully. Even Mira's character did not develop in the story, even though I know, she's only one of the cast that should fulfill a character. 

I know, I should be glad that they focused on the love story of the couple, but I was not satisfied. Even the romance was lacking. Jin Sung who was supposed to be the loyal friend to Oh Soo betrayed him in the end by stabbing him. I did not feel good watching the scene. the story needed him to justify Oh Soo's pain but to put a dear friend in that kind of situation just to help his family was so out of character. I'm all for reality, still, it left a bad taste watching two friends betraying one another without reasons or for reasons that are so bull! They may be gamblers, thugs, but even those kind of people won't easily turn away from someone they trust and believe no matter what. And in the end, Jin Sung did not pay for his crime. 

Of all the characters, I can say that Oh Soo has given me positive values and optimism. He evolved from being the trash he admitted he was to a man who is able to make his life a better one. And all because he found the reasons from Oh Young. And underneath that rough character, his inner beauty stays the same until the very end. Protecting and loving those people he trust.

I won't say that it's not a good drama. In other aspect, it made me realize the difficulties a blind person has dealing ones everyday life. 

There are many discussions on how it ended. Some say, it's a happy ending, while some say it's open ending or Oh Soo died. 

Well, here's my opinion as a viewer. 

Honestly, I can say it ended happily if I were to base my conclusion on the last part of the scene between Oh Soo and Oh Young. Their dialogues can convince me it's happening right there and then.

But if I were to analyse Jin Sung and Hee Sun's conversation, and will focus on Jin Sung's facial expressions, well, someone passed away, and it looks like Oh Soo.

So what's mslee's final verdict?

My opinion may differ from many but still, it's a viewer's opinion and trust me I have seen so many dramas before TWTWB.

Oh Young lives. It's the thought of Oh Soo and what could have been if he survived and meet again. The dream of having that kind of conversations with him and the thought of how he would see her after her surgery. I won't focus my discussion about the blurriness of the scene on the ending part. Maybe the director and the writer want to capture those scenery in that romantic way. Or how the world was seen by Oh Young in her new eyes.

But I applaud the writer and the director for making  that scene. It will always have that mystery surrounding the drama. And the happy scene will forever remain in the viewer's memory.

I think the story wants to convey that love won't end just because someone left. Love will stay strong inside one's heart until the time they meet again maybe in another place, another time, another lifetime.

Because love lives inside every ones heart, who has touched them.

this is mslee1107 writing

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