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Monday, April 1, 2013

KHJ - SBS New Variety Programme's First Meeting on March 30, 2013

Source: Nate
Translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ www.i-kpoplovers.blogspot.com)
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The upcoming SBS variety programme leaded by Kang Ho-dong, have gathered for their first meeting with the PD, staffs and members.

Together with Kang Ho-dong, Yoon Se-yoon, Yoon Jong-In, Kim Bum-soo, Kim Hyun-Joong, Yoon Si-Yoon and etc have gathered together for their first meeting on 30th March afternoon at certain location in Seoul. According to one representative from SBS, 'We can only confirmed to public that we have indeed met on 30th March, for the detailed time and location it is to be remained confidential at the moment as we are carefully preparing for the new production & audience can keep their expectation high for the programme'.

The first filming location for the programme will be in Vietnam. With Kang Ho-dong leading the final confirmed members, they will leave for Vietnam on 4th April. The SBS representative added, 'It would be a 4 days 3 night shooting. Series of missions such as finding their way to the innerland of Vietnam, building a well & many more mission will be structured for the programme. The programme are expected not to only bring laughters but it is also informative programme. 

The new SBS variety programme hosted by Kang Ho-dong will take over the 'Good Sunday-Survival Audition K-pop Star 2', airing its first episode on 21st April. 


Source credit: Vivo.VN @ Facebook

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