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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Song Hye Kyo thanks the staff of ‘Wind Blows In Winter’ with handwritten letters

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With the hit drama ‘Wind Blows In Winter‘ coming to an end, actress Song Hye Kyo made sure to thank the drama’s staff with handwritten letters.
After finishing filming for the finale, Song Hye Kyo personally handed out handwritten notes in her essay book ‘Hye Kyo’s Time‘. A snapshot of one of her letters reads, “Whenever I see your smiling face, there were a lot of times when it made me feel better. Thank you. Because playing my character was difficult and led me to have no time to rest, I am regretful that I couldn’t spend more time with you. Let’s meet again. You did a good job.”
Another staff member shared a snapshot of Song Hye Kyo’s personal message which reads, “You did a good job during the cold winter. Thank you.”
‘Wind Blows In Winter’ will air its finale on April 3rd KST, so stay make sure to grab your tissues for the touching finale!

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