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Monday, April 1, 2013

Yoo Ah In States That His Political Views Are More Moderate Than Progressive at a Press Conference

cre: soompi.com

Yoo Ah In spoke a bit about his political views in a recent press conference for his upcoming drama “Jang Ok Jung, Live for Love.” Previously, Yoo Ah In had made several statements regarding politics via social networking services.
The press conference was held on April 1. At the press conference was the PD that took care of casting and Choi Jung Mi the main writer. Yoo Ah In appeared alongside actors Kim Tae HeeHong Soo HyunJae Hee, and Lee Sang Yeob.
Yoo Ah In was asked to make a statement regarding his political views. (Yoo Ah Iin has made statements that make him appear as a progressive, but his character “Suk Jong” on the drama is more of a conservative) Yoo Ah In stated, “Actually I am not really progressive, my views are more moderate.”
Yoo Ah In then shared a few words regarding his character, “Suk Jong is a king that continued to face challenges and focused on strengthening the power of the king. Although he might have conservative political agenda historically, in the drama he is a person with trauma. The character I will portray will be a king that wants to be a strong ruler.”
The first broadcast of “Jang Ok Jung, Live for Love” will be on April 8.

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