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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

110727 KHJ @ Lee sora 2nd proposal music show + eng trans

hope you will be patient in reading and watching the videos...as a friend from soompi gave time to translate these for us.

cheerko @soompi translated the video..komowo!

same video...this one was where the trans came from

First Fancam of Lee Show:

[2011/07/20] 이소라의 두번째 프로포즈-talk1

Lee and KHJ greet and Lee asks him to sit down.

Lee ask audience: He is good-looking, Right? (audience sounds)

Lee starts to read signs held up by fans: I am KHJ fan; Only One KHJ; oh-jik (Only) KHJ. Did you all make those signs and come here? (aud: yes) When I see signs like those, I feel a pang of happiness. I am talking about when people would hold up signs with my name. When I do concerts and I see them, I feel that pang and it even affect the way I sing—I get teary.

(At this moment, I think someone came from Lee’s behind to greet KHJ and KHJ says hello. Lee turns around. Then she asks if she can continue. Laughter from audience)

Lee: Let’s give another round of applause to KHJ. (clap)

Lee: They are pretty calm.

KHJ: Excuse me? (Then he realizes that Lee was referring to his fans) Yes, my fans are, instead of the dongseng fans, they tend to be noona fans. So, many are married already. That is why they are calm.

Lee again comments that his fans are very calm. So KHJ continues to say that: among them here in the audience, there are many who cannot be featured on TV at all. (laughter) It is because their children, husbands and hyungs are watching the broadcast from home. (laughter) My fans really do not like it when they appear on TV. (laughter) They also came here without making dinner so , when this is over, they have to go home fast and make dinner. (laughter)

Lee: I have heard and known that KHJ tends to say lots of funny things without much expression on his face. But these days, you seem freer when I see you on programs and such.

KHJ: First, the reason that I have become more carefree …When I was fully carrying the idol image, talking about drinking alcohol or girlfriends were a bit prohibited. But as I switched from idol to a solo singer, I let go of many things. (laughter)

Lee: by yourself or through the agency?

KHJ: I let go and the agency also could not “touch”. (he laughs) I am joking about that.

Lee: But, truthfully, it is good to say what is on one’s mind.

KHJ: The agency has advised me to be myself and to do music and dance the way I want to do. So, these days, I am enjoying everything that I do and also make me want to try harder in everything.

Lee: The first time I met you was when I first ventured into acting for the first time in my life. The title of the series was ??Can Love Be Refilled?? He acted as my younger brother William who was studying golf in America. That was my first time getting my feet wet in such a life style that I really had no idea about the background or what type of work he has done before. But what I do remember is that, whatever the situation, he carried an atmosphere of detachment/absentmindedness and lack of expression. She wonders if he is like that in normal everyday life as well.

KHJ: I have become more cheerful compared to the past. In the past, I hardly laughed to the point of feeling awkward about smiling. Plus, I was so shy (or natgaridah=avoid people he is not familiar with) that I would just stand alone in a corner for the fear that others may try to get him to speak. These days, I have fixed that aspect of myself a lot and have become more comfortable. In that show, I was acting as your younger brother.  I have said in interviews that Mischievous Kiss was my second acting project after BOF.  But,,,

Lee: Probably you did not even remember. You left the show after just few times and so did I.

KHJ: Yes. The conversation that I had with Lee sunbaenim in that show was always..to ask her for money. I would say just give me 3monwon. Lee would say why? He would say just give it to me what I ask you….(KHJ laughs).

Lee: Yes, you would say those lines without any expressions. Then or now, his good looks is still there. As we know stars/celebrities are all very pretty and handsome. But even among them, he really shines through. That quality can be an asset.  For me, I also realize that I have more positive feelings when I hear the same song from a better looking person given that the quality is the same.

KHJ: I will do my best to analyze my own strengths and work harder.

Lee:  Ah, So, what do you think are your strengths?

KHJ:  I seriously sought advice from a noona singer over drinks. I asked her what she thought is my asset.  (I have a very good feeling that this noona singer is Lee Hyori—he has called her his “savior” and someone who has helped him while he was developing as SS5 group member in other shows and he has also said in SBS Power FM Jung SunHee show that he still stays in very close contact with Lee Hyori. She also has a personality that he really admires…cool and down to earth and who does things to satisfy herself and not others….She is his ideal…She also went from a group to a solo career….Right???) She bluntly told him that his charm is that he just has to push forward with his face.  (laughter) She said why you are trying to make it more difficult for yourself. He at first disagreed with her. But then she told me that you can do well by trying hard and singing well. However, appearance can be a limiting factor (in show business). She told him that you can become known for your singing and working hard but you have a special advantage due to your face. She told me to not only try to be the best singer possible but to manage my appearance and image well. 

(Then, I think a part of the program has been cut so I referred to this clip)

110727 kimhyunjoong-Talk

(starting from @1:59)

Lee: To welcome KHJ today, I watched many of his previous shows and programs and interviews to prepare some questions for him here. What I realized from seeing him through many interviews iand talk shows that he has really matured.  Of course, I do not know what may have happened to him personally. He rarely expresses feelings and he seems to feel embarrassed by talking about himself.

KHJ: Yes, I am unskilled at expressing myself.  Even among friends, I would never say or express thank you to them.

Lee: But, don’t you at least want to give them some hints about how you feel—especially when you are thankful or if you like the person? I feel that it is important to do that..

KHJ: Well, even with birthday gifts, I don’t think I ever was polite about it. I would just throw it to them. Because I do not want to hear them say thank you, I would say, ya, ya, let’s go fast and eat.

Lee: Ah, you would say something fast to cover up (the emotional part of that interaction: I noticed that too,,KHJ is very good at diverting or redirecting the flow of discussion or interviewer by joking or saying something very funny. Right???)..

KHJ: yes. I feel awkward about such things in relationship or human interactions. (laughter)

Lee: Those type of interactions do seem to require lots of practice. (back to top first tape) But I would assume that you probably did not even have the time for that as your agency required you to do lots of things. And I also saw that you really experienced and tried many things starting from very young age in order to find what you are looking for.  (WOW, LEE Sora is the first interviewer ever in my translations for KJH or other stars who actually did some study/background search before she invites her guest!! Bravo to her. NO wonder she is not only a great singer but also a producer and a business owner herself!!  )

KHJ: Yes. Since young age, I did work to earn money and to try to mature without my parents’ help.  But I was going home with my manager and said something to him..that I regret that I did not study as much as I could have. Although I really enjoy what I am doing now, sometimes, I think that I could have still eaten well by working  at desk in front of a computer. Then, I would not have to deal with working late into the night for dance moves or to stay up until dawn to make the music videos. When I practice the dance choreography, I am with people I enjoy and like and who enjoy the dance and the music, but sometimes, it is very hard. I try to enjoy it but at times, I do regret that I did not study as hard a bit. So I envy those people who go to work at 9 and come home at 5.

(back to the second tape on this page)

Lee:   I wanted to ask you about this…You just sang a song called, LOVE. But I fear that you would have hard time expressing love to someone.  I would think that you would be even more embarrassed by such situations. But, did you even have someone that you have liked?

KHJ: I am a person, so I did have many people that I liked. It was not a small number.

At this time Lee turns to an audience who was shouting something to her. Lee says: This audience person is asking if you really had many people that you liked as if she is being argumentative.

KHJ: Yes, I had many that I liked. If there is someone that I like, I cannot express my feelings well.  If I like the person, I would not even greet the person on purpose for fear that I will be caught.

Lee: because you will be caught?

KHJ: When I say things, I get caught because I cannot seem to hide even speck of mannerisms or attitudes that signify that I like the person. So, when a group of people go together to karoke/singing rooms, I would definitely show by singing a song that I would like that person to hear.

Lee: So you would pick out a song that you want the person to hear.

KHJ: yes.

Lee: SO, in those times, you would sing a song like LOVE.

KHJ: Yes, that is what I do.

Lee: Then, does it work? Does that person know what you are trying to do?

KHJ: At that time, it (i.e.his song just for her) occurred after eating a meal together. She fell asleep. (laughter)

Well here is the rest!

Lee: I feel that people can be indifferent /simple=dhambek and that is why we may not want to express anything that may burden others. However, when it is important, we have to.

KHJ: That is why, when I feel that I don’t want to lose the person, then I just press on or pressure the person.==deu-ri-mil-dah==forcefully push.

Lee: Then you are saying that you did experience such a situation.

KHJ: yes. I did experience that.

Lee: So, how long did you go out with her?

KHJ: For a long time..about 3 years.

Lee: Woah…Who initiated it? She or You?

KHJ: I did. But I created an opportunity so that it appears as if we naturally got together with others over a table. (I wonder how he did that?? That means he studied her??)

Lee: What was the decisive expression when you made the proposal to the lady?

KHJ: I said to her, if not today, I will not like you anymore. (laughter)

Lee: Is that how you express your liking somebody?

KHJ: Yes. If you want to reject me, then do it now and forget it.

Lee: Did you at least tell her that you like her?

KHJ: yes. I asked her do you want to meet me for a movie tomorrow and get to know each other slowly or do you want to end it right now. If she does go to movies with me, at least, it would show that she has some interest in me. After seeing the movie, I would tell her sah-ghi-jah=let’s try to date further and get to know each other more.

Lee: So, did it happen the way you hoped?

KHJ: She just said (indifferently by the way KHJ acted out) OK, let’s see a movie. (If he is talking about the same lady he talked about before, I thought he said that both he and his friend liked her at the same time. So,  one New Years’s eve or day, both he and his friend decided to call her and finalize the agony. He said that she rejected his friend but agreed to see a movie with him….But,,,maybe this is a different lady??? keke)

Lee: The way she answered you so calmly, (after all that pressure you put on her), it seems like you both would have looked and got along good together.

KHJ: yes

Lee: Ahh..so you went out with her for 3 to 4 years. How are now?

KHJ: We do not go out anymore.

Lee: I guess this is the time where you have to make decision and clarify things for yourself about your career. You know … This is like the turning point of your life…

KHJ: Yes, this is a very crucial time in my life and so my mind set is different.  I feel that every time I am on stage, it is a very precious and important event and I try to do my very best and hardest.

Lee: I believe that such effort/mindset will be communicated. (KHJ thanks her)

Lee (looking at audience): KHJ says that his dream is to become a cool ajussi. (looking at KHJ) What is that? Why not a cool actor or singer…why an ajussi?

KHJ: I cannot live as an idol forever. In about 20 years or so, I will be at the age where elementary school students will see me as ajussi.  Rather than an actor or singer who is famous or doing very well, I would like to be considered as the friendly neighborhood ajussi who can readily buy some ice-cream for the neighborhood kid who wants one. I would like to live my life in a friendly and intimate way with others. My dream is that ,,,,I feel that as I grew up in my work, my fans really stood by me.  For the final,,should I say last dancing concert?? If I were to have a final dancing concert, I would like to invite all fans for free—of course, they can put whatever they want into the can…(laughter)

Lee: It sounds very concrete.

KHJ : Yes it is because I am constantly thinking about it. I would like all the money collected to go to charity  and have the last dance concert with the fans.  (Applause and cheers)

Lee: I see many people holding up signs and banners for you..What is Uzushin? Are you saying he is a god from the space? (Yes from the audience) To receive such a name, KHJ must have done a lot?! What did he do? (Audience says something) Ahh, he came up with that by himself!! (laughter and Lee looks at KHJ.)
KHJ: haha, I really like the space for real. On earth, we have God and Buddah. But in space, I would like to be the one. (laughter)

Lee: So, you came up with it yourself….really,,,But you know what? I believe that one can make one’s own fate. There is a way when all that one hears and sees can be possible when all the strengths/forces are combined together. I sincerely believe that everything that KHJ-ssi works hard for will be come true to the degree that your fans collectively give that force and strength to you. (Wow, I like Lee sora as a person too—she is very positive)

KHJ thanks her by bowing.

Lee: Now we would like to hear a song from your album. This time, were you able to have a hand in making it?

KHJ: yes. Since last July about this time,  I have been collecting songs even before I started the drama. I selected each and every song myself. I had a hand in the jacket design and the logo. There is one with wings. That was my idea.

Lee: Because you are Uzushin…(Laughter)

KHJ: yes. If I say Ppyong, things have to materialize. (laughter) I also came up with the idea of making limiting the copies to 10,000. So the album is very precious to me.

Lee: There is a limit like that?

KHJ: yes. It feels like this album is the fruit of one year’s hard labor. That is why I feel good having the album. (Much sentiment from the audience)

Lee: I think you have to say something to the audience and then we will hear your song.

KHJ:  Dear fan, 6 years have passed already since I started at 20. During that time, I did somethings well and I also made mistakes. But I thank you sincerely for continuing to be tolerant of me and believing in and following me to this day.  I hope that I will always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized for being my fan. But if you happen to meet another person and say you are my fan, the other person will say I understand. Please believe in me a lot and I will work hard. (applause from audience—both Lee sora and KHJ included the audience throughout the whole show and KHJ really made his fans feel very warm….)

Lee: I pray that you continue to be that unique and special person that you are—whether in acting or in singing. Thank you for coming today.

Now the 3 rd tape of Lee Sora show through fan cam: I will only pick out what was not in the actual show that aired.

[20011/07/20]이소라의 두번째 프로포즈-talk2

@0:11 KHJ was saying that he has liked many (really a lot) women in his life as he is a person after all. But he says that if he likes someone, he has hard time expressing his feelings. (So, it sounds like KHJ is saying he had many jjak-sah-rang or unrequited loves) I may like a woman and then if that woman starts to have someone in her life. Then I just give up. So, I just do not express what is inside. If I like someone, I actually do not express anything even more on purpose. I don’t greet the person –for fear that I will get caught. Then we heard him already say that he uses songs to express his feeling to people he care about.

@ 2:10 Lee asks KHJ about his 3 yr relationship and how he expressed his feelings to her. KHJ says that: He expressed it first to the girl. But before that happened, he would find many ways for the girl to find out about him in a very natural way. What I would do is to get close to the people she is close to and hang out with them.  I want to first create a very natural atmosphere and opportunities for us to meet very naturally. So, Lee sora says, excluding the person he is interested in, he would get close to her surroundings (Wow!! What a clever and romantic idea! I am kind of amazed that it came from a young kid who grew up so tough to come up with such a gentleman’s plan to get the girl???!!! No wonder she said yes to him right away when he asked her out with an ultimatum!!! She already heard and knew all about KHJ through her trusted friends!!  He could easily create a dating advice service and call it a Uzushin’s  Out Of The World Ways to Get the Girl!! Keke—wow,,,but he is something!!---Thank you so much to the fan cam person who did not edit his speech. I wonder why the show edited this part out!! Now everybody who saw the show only would think of him as the tough guy who only know how to approach a girl with an ultimatum and force! Too Bad!!)

@5: 35—He was talking about his dream of the last dance concert---So, I am cutting down on play time so that I can record more and receive acting lessons. Instead of doing few good roles, I want to do many roles and lots of (or lots of all kinds of) music. 

@7:12 He is talking about how he actively participated in coming up with the album. He also says that he not only selected the songs, but he also put his own ideas into the lyrics and the choice of musical instruments to make the song.  Lee says that most singers start as solo singers without that much fan base, but he is starting his new solo work with already a profit. KHJ agrees. It seems like you have to say something to the audience from your heart and then we will hear your song…(how true---but he really worked hard to build that fan base on his own and whose support is truly indispensible to him. I am sure he will be a loyal celebrity to his fans----sort of like a love affair of KHJ with his fans..right???---Well,,,I had a feeling that he is smart but through this show, I got to see how smart and also very wise he seems.)


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