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Sunday, July 17, 2011

(video) KHJ cut at KBS Secret and Eng translation

video credit :   @yt

translated by cheerko @soompi.com/khjthread

This is the very short clip just focusing on one of several gripes about KHJ by his own childhood friends. I read an article that states that KHJ's friends had lot more to say about feeling not well treated by KHJ. We just have to wait and see what else he did.haha

The tape:

His friends: His friends' names are (to our right) Lim Joon Yun and (to our left) Kim In Yong. Kim says that KHJ would always pretend, among friends, that it is no big deal for him to be a celebrity. He tries hard to appear that way. But last year around March, several of us went on a vacation among friends at Jejudo. Then we were returning from the vacation in shorts and slippers and we were dirty. We asked him if he feels OK looking like that when he will be recognized. KHJ's response was that it did not bother him at all. But as we approached the airport, I think he was starting to feel uncomfortable. Just before entering the airport, he told us that he wants to just take a quick shower as he felt he smelled and that made him uncomfortable. But even though 30 minutes passed he did not come out. So we went in. He was drying his hair and taking out coat and sunglasses from his bag. We just did not say anything and pretended that nothing unusual was happening as we did not want to embarrass him. We just figured that he is just being a celebrity. Lim plugs in to say that as soon as they come out to the airport, HJ immediately started to walk ahead very fast by 20 to 30meters. They thought he was being strange.

MC Lee HeeJae asks KHJ for explanation.

KHJ says that they were actively having fun at Jejudo's GetBul and they were all heavily smelling of fish. MC says that is fresh water fish smell.

KHJ says that he was concerned that he would offend people smelling fishy. He also states that he has a habit of walking very fast in airports. The reason he walks fast in airports is that he needs to prevent any big gatherings by fans around him. (Then, hahah, KHJ gives his down right honest answer that only KHJ can give.) If they felt neglected and sad that I did that, then, next time, I am not going to Jejudo with them again. 

On screen: KHJ gives a very refreshing explanation. Laughter. On screen: he is joking. (Is he??) 

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