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Sunday, July 17, 2011

(Interview) KHJ 2nd radio participation with Ok Joo Hyun: (on July 13, 2011)

 Daum video: http://blog.daum.net...iquilt/15711314
Tudou link: http://www.tudou.com...ew/7lqMBwf7MXI/

translated by cheerkoo @soompi.com/khjthread

OJH’s introduction of KHJ==It can be enough Just to be his fan for his looks.  But his thoughts and way of talking is definitely something not to be missed.  She also says that he is a man of his words because he kept his promise to return to her radio program and he did today. She did not think he would be able to return due to his schedule. Starting tomorrow, he will start promoting his second song.  His agency wanted him to do few more radio shows and asked him for his preference. His top choice was OJH’s. OJH was thrilled. She says that although KHJ is her younger brother’s age and she never gets intimidated by idols, she just cannot help but feel moved by KHJ. OJH asks the audience to write in their prejudgments/questions about KHJ’s image. For those who make the correct prejudgments, they will be awarded.  KHJ also told OJH that he took her advice about what to wear to sing his second song. She was very happy.

OK: You are about to start Kiss Kiss on stage. Which one, BD or Kiss Kiss, fits more your style?

KHJ: Personally, Kiss Kiss is much more comfortable stage for me.

OK: Really? I thought you would say BD is more your type of style.

OK: This listener asks about your appearance in a?Sang-E-Tal-E? show during a heavy rain. You looked so cool in that show. You must have been cold and the floor must have been slippery.  What was most difficult and what remains in your memory?

KHJ: ~I had to have some body paint for that show. I was really worried that the rain would wash away the paint but amazingly, just during my performance, the weather was clear.  So it was a great relief.

Second question: You said that you will do a brief travel before starting your second song. Were you able to travel? KHJ says: I thought that I will have some time before starting the second song. However, it turned out that I was too busy preparing for the second song. I also had few scheduled events that I was too busy to get away.

Third question: As the title of the second song is Kiss Kiss, please tell me honestly when was your last kiss? KHJ says: Well, since it is July now,,,,OK says laughing that his manager just got up from his seat. KHJ says: Really…(laughing) Since this is July, I would say it was 5 months ago.

OK says let us take a break now and listen to your second song, Kiss Kiss.

OK: You have just heard Kiss Kiss. It is a song that really fits the season so well.  KHJ thanks her. He will only promote this song for two weeks but heard that it will rain until next Tuesday. He hopes that this song can enliven people’s moods while it rains so much. OK says that this song is very suitable even if it rains.

4th person asks: What did you talk while song is played.  OK says that they were talking about the stress of filming for dramas. KHJ told her that he can memorize the script after reading it for the third time and she felt that he has a skill. KHJ says that (summarizing and I did not get it 100%) this skill to memorize still falls short of the more experienced staff but he is able to memorize better due to the pressure and guilt that he feels towards those staff already waiting for him ahead of time.

Another person asks about his last kiss not including the time he kissed for a drama. OK felt bad for KHJ for such questions. But KHJ says that drama was 9 months ago. (So, he is saying that he kissed someone in February of 2011 and it was not for any dramas.)

Other fans and listeners also left messages that they feel bad for asking such questions and say he can pass. (nice fans but I would like to know---keke) 

Next person asks KHJ to evaluate himself as his own solo career is moving onto second half. KHJ says that he has been planning his career as he moved from group work to solo work. Right now, he feels that he is carefully and diligently doing his very best for each and every performance.  He says that he is doing his best so that he has no regrets. Ok says that she senses his sincerity from his eyes. 

Someone asks what KHJ eats to live? KHJ says that when he was performing for the ?Samg-E-Tal-E shows, he only ate chicken breast.  It (He must be talking about performing for the Break Down song.) completed on July 7th.  KHJ says that, after he built his body up, he only ate chicken breast for two weeks. OK wonders if he only smelled chicken. KHJ says that he finally tried to eat chicken for the first time (since July 7th) yesterday (must be July 12). But he just could not eat it at all. 

Next listener asks about the concept for his September album. KHJ says that, right now, he wanted to show the feeling of tough man. But, in September, he wants to bring songs that are fun and enjoyable. OK really hopes for feelings of “man of autumn” (What is that??).  KHJ says, really? He kind of wants that too. He would like to send more feelings of freedom through his new album and, at this time, he is in the middle of organizing it and receiving proposals for songs.  (KHJ really seems to look up to Ok Joo Hyun’s counsel. She also has a history of breaking from FINKLE group and developing her solo singing career.)

KHJ is asked what he considers are his competitive edge besides his face and body?  KHJ says that he has met with many sunbaes, sometimes over drinks to discuss this very issue. They talked about what makes some singers stand out. Sunbaes have told him that his effort is effort but that his face is unlike any other performers and that he should consider it his asset and to develop it and use it instead of hiding it or denying its impact.  OK agrees with him that his attractive assets are not only his radiant looks but also his ?steubeun ? personality and his unique eloquence.  KHJ thanks her. (I can see through the radio show that both KHJ and OK are very comfortable with each other and talk together throughout the breaks. I have seen KHJ in other visible radio shows and he hardly talks with the other mc’s during the break time. )

OK takes break for commercials.

OK says that she has received, as requested by her, some pre-judgments about KHJ. 

One listener asserts that KHJ seems like a person who is well-mannered that he would meet a woman several times even if he may not be that interested.  KHJ says that if he does not like someone from the first time, his feelings do not change at all. From a first meeting, if he finds that the person is ill-mannered or something, he does not even ask for contact information and he would even get up prematurely from the table. 

Next listener asserts that KHJ seems like a person who would not scrub dirt when he takes bath. (Koreans call it ddae-mil-da and uses a special scrub to almost exfoliate the entire body.)KHJ agrees that he does not take that kind of bath. He takes shower twice a day that he does not think there is time for dirt to get embedded into his skin. OK cracks up. 

Next person says that KHJ seems like a person who would choose to get 0 on the test instead of cheating. KHJ responds that he has cheated on exams. He has used various skills to cheat. He and his friends once came up with a scheme to cheat on a test. There are usually two circular metals on a desk. He and his friends would put eraser on top metal for number 1 answer, bottom metal for number 2 and middle for number 3 answer.  But when he realized that he will not be admitted to Seoul University by cheating, he would then put number 3 for all questions on the test. OK cracks up. 

Next person thinks that KHJ seems like the type to name his belongings. KHJ says that he does not like doing that to inanimate objects. He knows that some people have names for their musical instruments. He feels awkward naming inanimate belongings. He just refers to things as what they are—a car. But he would say the name of the car like BM etc. My car is Pender?..etc. 

Next one asserts that KHJ seems like a person who would be afraid of needles.  KHJ says that he is not afraid of getting shots at doctor’s offices. But he does share a peculiar similarity with his mother. When he sees something sharp, his eyes tear up. When he sees something sharp like nails, he feels such irritation in his eyes that he cannot even open his eyes. Even his last skin doctor had same problem and even went to see a mental health professional but could not find the source of his problem. OK asks KHJ if there is anything in the recording radio room that is bothering him. KHJ points at the mike. OK looks at something else so he calls her noona and redirects her. He says that there are pointy and shiny things around the microphone and if he looks at them he feels ticklish around his eyes.  So, OK decides to send a gift to that particular listener for getting her assumption about KHJ correct.  

Next person assumes that KHJ seems like the type who, when his schedule is empty, would stay in bed all day and eat mixed rice in a big metal bowl. He says he does like to eat mixed rice. But at his house, he hardly has any side dishes so he has nothing to put into the bowl. Only side dish that he has in his house if kimchi. OK thinks that his fans would start sending him side dishes. KHJ says that he does not want them to. Anyway, he would be away in August that they will get rotten.  

Next listener thinks that KHJ seems the type who would sometimes dream about running away to places that nobody recognizes him. He does not really think about running away as he lives alone to start. After the time he did actually run away from home as a young kid, he rarely did stay home. He was basically on his own and lived alone most of the time. 

KHJ seems like the type would prefer drinking ssanhwa tea instead of Americano. KHJ says that that is correct. He says that he cannot drink coffee. He also does not like anything with coffee in it. He finds them bitter. Ok asks whether he drinks green tea. KHJ does drink green tea although it is slightly bitter. But he thinks of it as drinking tea and drinks it if available. But he does not voluntarily buy green tea for himself. OK asks KHJ to talk about what he cannot eat. KHJ says basically he cannot eat coffee.  He could not think of anything and then says that he cannot eat snake.  OK says she also cannot eat snake either. KHJ says that he does not like coffee and he also cannot eat ?gaebul. OK says she loves gaebul. KHJ says that he had serious allergic reaction after he ate gaebul. His whole face swelled up. (I don’t know what gaebul is..do you??).

Next person says that KHJ seems like the type who would not wear tight triangular swim pants. KHJ says that he cannot wear swim trunks. He prefers the tight one. He also cannot wear boxer shorts as underwear because he feels uncomfortable due to a feeling that he is not wearing anything.  OK asks if he feels secure if clothes are attached. KHJ agrees. 

Next says that KHJ seems the type who would enjoy speedy rides but would be scared of bungee jumping. He says he did try bungee jumping once. He paid to go up to Namsan bungee jumping area. He was told that he can go up and change his mind about jumping. But at that time there were lots of tourists who witnessed him going up on the elevator.  They were holding up their camcorder and shouting, KHJ, KHJ. He thought he will go crazy. He just jumped off without thinking. OK asked about his feelings at that time. KHJ says that he could not help but resent the tourists at that time.  Ok asked if he enjoyed jumping. He says he did not really enjoy it. He realized that one could die doing that. He felt that he could have ended up as ketsup. Ok cracks up.

They take break and listen to KHJ’s last song on the album: Yes I Will.

Next one says that KHJ seems the type who would not even approach a woman if he believes that she will reject him. KHJ denies that. He says that if he likes the person, he hangs on to that person with his life. Until the end. If he gets rejected 10 times, he tries again 100 times.  Ok asks if that is really true. KHJ says yes. 

Next one says KHJ seems the type who would try samples at marts without feeling self-conscious. KHJ agrees. But most of the time, he tends to go to marts at very early mornings if he is up early and there are no food samples then. When he has gone at dinner time and there are many samples to try out, he would eat as much as he could. If samples are not available, he would ask them to cook him some more.  But whatever he tries, he buys the product as his policy. OK cracks and says that his way is good as there are many people who just try sample and leave. 

Next one assumes that KHJ would be soft when it comes to women in tears. He agrees with that. But, as OK indicated, he says he does not know what to do when the women cry. He says that he tends to just listen carefully to everything she says. OK asks if he cries often. He says no. But KHJ says that he does cry but not often. 

Next one assumes that KHJ seems like a person who would be a member of a fan club for a woman celebrity whom he admires. KHJ says he was once a member of a FINKLE fan club. OK remembers that he was Lee HyoRi fan. KHJ says that he has gone to FINKLE dream concerts holding red balloons. OK says that that is why she felt some closeness. KHJ cracks up.

Next one says that KHJ may think his puppy is cute but would not sleep with it on his bed. KHJ says that he wants to sleep with them on the bed, but the puppies themselves move and sleep under his bed. Ok asks if his sleeping habit may be too wild. KHJ is not sure. One night he hugged his two dogs and fell asleep on this bed. The dogs must have hated it because they planted their number 2 waste right at the foot of his bed. KHJ says that that was the first time that he ever cursed as soon as he got up in the morning. OK cracks up. KHJ says that he cursed at the puppies: “puppy sekki-deul-ah!" OK says that KHJ is toofunny. 

Next person says that KHJ seems the type to cram to get the work done whether it be studying or working. KHJ says that he has never crammed or even studies slowly. But whatever he tries, he says that he does it methodically with a plan. If he knows that a concert is coming up, he would not just prepare one week. He often works at it for 3 to 4 weeks slowly and little at a time. It would make him too nervous to cram such things into a short period of time. 

Next assumes that KHJ would not mind leaving in disorganized and messy home. KHJ says no. He loves neatness and cleanliness. He cannot stand dirty sink that he has even washed dished at dawn. If friends come over and even if he himself is drunk and tired, KHJ says that he recycles the alcohol bottles and clean up before sleeping. If the messiness is too much for him to handle, he has called “ajuma” to come and clean up for him. OK says he did not know that. She thought he would not mind being messy. 

Next one assumes that KHJ probably was never fat. KHJ agrees with that. Ever since young, he has always loved being active through soccer, swimming and TaeWonDo. Even the trainer told him that he always has the basic fitness intact. 

OK asks if KHJ still plays soccer. KHJ says yes and he plans to play soccer this Thursday (Is he talking about the next day??) Where does he play? He played at ?eejungboo. But this time, he will play at (he was not certain of the place) but it starts with Do. 

OK says time to end. Both say it was way too short. OK invites him again. KHJ says that he now has only two weeks to do performances. He does feel bad that after such long preparation, he only has short time to perform. But the next album is coming out in September or early October. KHJ asks for audience to love him for the entire two weeks and that he will see them again as even more improved and developed entertainer the next time. OK asks if she will see him again in September. KHJ thinks not in September but in early October. Until then, Ok wishes him for good health and for his activity to go well. 

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