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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kim Hyun joong full cut guesting at 190711 Mnet MUST (performance Break down+cover 'Its fortunate' by Lee Juk+interview) with Eng Trans NOW!

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Yoon Do Hyun is the mc for the MNET special with KHJ. People laughed when Yoon asked KHJ what he thinks of the other male guest’s long hair and appearance. KHJ said Macgulli ?Huri? Byung. (Macgulli is the Korean traditional rice alcohol; I don’t know Huri and Byung is bottle.) Yoon says that KHJ kind of referred to the other male guest (Huh Jin) as “drunk”. Yoon also says that KHJ is really handsome and he feels like touching him. Someone says to do it and Yoon touches KHJ’s face and then says sorry to KHJ. (By the way, I love Yoon Do Hyun’s song called “It must have been love”. It was also sang by KHJ with Huh YoungSeh few years ago and it was great.)

Yoon asks KHJ what does KHJ sing if he goes to Karoke rooms. KHJ says that he often listens instead of sing at the Karoke rooms. Also, if the other people sing at the room, he tends to drink instead.  Yoon asks if KHJ really likes to drink. KHJ says that it is not that he likes to drink. At times, he would say I don’t think I can drink today but then, somehow, he does. (laughter) KHJ says he has been saying that for he does not know how many years. (laughter)

At the karoke rooms, he sings sorrowful ballads in the beginning when he is still alert and sober. He likes to sing “Dah Jool Kkuh Ya==I will give you everything”. He sings a sample of that song===I will give you all the love that is left in me….”. KHJ says he has another song that he sings at the 11th hour or 5 minutes before the last round. Yoon says he has to sing that song as if he is drunk and even sway a bit. KHJ says that he usually cannot pronounce the words to that song by that time. (laughter) The song is called “Moo Jo Ggwan=No Matter What” (I cannot understand his pronunciation to write down the words of the song. Keke) People are shouting out his name all over the place. McC Yoon is thanking KHJ for being his guest today. Yoon asks if KHJ finished his singing activity today. KHJ says that he has about two weeks of schedule left in Korea.  

KHJ will be singing Lee Juk’s “Dah Heng Yi Dah=It Is Fortunate”. KHJ says that he really likes Lee Juk since young age. The first song that he ever practiced on his guitar was also written by Lee Juk called, “Gih Dah Ri Dah= I am waiting”. He says that he also loves the words to the song that he is about to sing that he often chooses to sing that song in Karoke rooms. 

KHJ on Dah Heng Yi Dah: There is something very profound as well as very touching about the words of this song. ~~ I can sit face to face with you and to breathe with you and to eat with you~~fact that he(Lee Juk) was able to use such fleetingly simple words to arrange beautiful lyrics as a whole is just amazing. This is a song that I love to sing at the Karoke rooms. But, now that I am about to sing it in front of you fans, I am a bit nervous.  Moreover, I hope that I will be able to present the true and sincere meaning of the lyrics to you minus the playfulness that is present in the Karoke rooms.  I will sing it with utmost sincerity. He sings.  (Dah Heng Yi Dah has really beautiful words. )

Yoon asks KHJ how he felt about singing the song. KHJ says that because he is a dance singer, the feeling is somewhat unfamiliar but he really likes it. Both Yoon and the lady really like KHJ’s performance. Lady says that KHJ is a real great performer and he has an outstanding musical influence. Cheers from audience. Yoon wonders if KHJ ever think about doing rock band. KHJ says that he will continue as long as he is able to move. When he starts to have bad knees and hips, he will still work hard so that he can continue to meet with audience in a stage like this.  Then, Break Down comes on. 

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