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Monday, January 7, 2013

UPDATING I MISS YOU - Screencaps Episodes 14-16

Updating the highlights of I MISS YOU. Continuation of screencaps for episodes 14 and 15 and updates for episode 16. Screencaps for episode 17 will follow soon.

Episode 14 was the start of the revelations though the story was giving us bits and pieces. Some are still not yet clear, like the real relation of Harry aka Kang Hyung Jun's mom, Kang Hyun Joo to Han Tae Jun and Han Jung Woo. What I understand from the very beginning of the story was that there was money involved, given to Kang Hyung Jun's mom which she passed on to Hyung Jun for safety. The giver was not really clear to me. I am thinking it was Han Tae Jun's father who gave the money to her. Who is Hyung Jun's father? Is it the grandfather of Jung Woo or do they share the same father, who is Han Tae Jun?

Kang Hyun Joo now lived under Han Tae Jun's house. She was brought there as a shield from Harry's evil plots. At first I really doubted Eun Joo as the culprit behind the killings. She has a motive, her revenge for her father who was killed while looking for Soo Yeon. But in episode 15, it was clear that the secretary of Han Tae Jun, whose real name is Harry Borrison was the man doing the dirty job for Hyung Jun. Still, Hyung Jun might be the one also who killed them and Harry, the secretary was only disposing the bodies.

Meanwhile, all the small details are being remembered by Jung Woo. His detective skills are great but still he is nowhere near the truth. As for Soo Yeon, she knows where her heart belongs to. The sweet little moments were cute. Despite the so many teary eyed scenes that pinch the hearts, the Soo Yeon-Jung Woo scenes put a smile on my face.

ep 14 screencaps continuation...

I hope that towards the ending of this episode, Jung Woo already knew that it really wasn't Soo Yeon who killed Kang Sang Deuk. The footsteps differ from what the cleaning Ahjumma had described. More like Harry's walk.

ep 15 screencaps continuation...

Ending of episode 15 showed Jung Woo looking past Soo Yeon in Harry's tight embrace to the plastic flower which was similar to the ones stolen from his "Aunt" at Han Tae Jun's house. Soo Yeon received a USB containing a voice recording of someone [i think it was director Nam] pleading someone to spare his life. Han Tae Jun's name was mentioned, making it appear that he was the one behind the kidnapping and what happened 14 years ago. Soo Yeon also realized already that it was Han Tae Jun who made Harry/Hyung Jun's leg injured. 

episode 16 screencaps...

Jung Woo slapped the secretary's right shoulder, he winced. if only Jung Woo would be more accurate in his investigation and simply not put doubt in his mind, he would know that he was the one attacking him and Ah Reum  in their house who snatched the plastic flower from Harry/Hyung Jun's mom.


the diary...
containing Soo Yeon's innermost feelings towards Jung Woo 14 years ago.

oopppsss! gotcha!!!

the sweet hugs

the picture...
Soo Yeon realized that the woman who Jung Woo calls "Aunt" was the one Harry/Hyung Jun showed her as his mom.
She remained silent, never saying what she discovered to Jung Woo. At this point, I still don't get her. Her loyalty is divided. Sometimes she protects Harry too much, to her ignorance.

Harry/Kang Hyung Jun meets Kang Hyun Joo

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