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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This is almost a week late but still got to share these beautiful scenes here. I made a lot of screencaps for this episode, already posted at my Facebook page but still posting them here for easy access.

I Miss You is starting to uncover the mystery of what the real story is about. How these unforgettable  and painful incident happened 14 years ago to these three main characters, Kang Hyung Jun, Han Jung Woo and Lee Soo Yeon.

Kang Hyung Jun aka Harry Borrison knew all along the real story, why there was kidnapping, who was behind it, who were involved and who made him injured his leg. He knew who had his mother all along, although for the past 14 years he thought she was already dead and Han Tae Jun killed her already but he was mistaken. She was alive yet her mind is not normal and she is still under Han Tae Jun's care, making him come forward. But Harry is smart and crazy at the same time. His painful separation from his mother brought so much anguish in his heart that led him to plot against the whole family of Han Tae Jun and all the people involved in the kidnapping. He wanted revenge for himself, for his mother. In the process, he is hurting Lee Soo Yeon by betraying her trust in him, by killing people. 

Han Jung Woo who is still clueless of the people involved in the kidnapping, besides his father. But his detective skills knew and realized that his father may be involved, but also a target of a revenge by a serial killer still in the loose. He doubted Harry, he doubted Soo Yeon, still these small inklings were not enough to make him realize that they are all victims of what happened in the past. If only he would know the relationship between the Ahjumma in their house and Harry as Kang Hyung Jun. But he hadn't find out that Kang Hyun Joo is the same Ahjumma or Aunt his father brought home. This is the only remaining puzzle not yet answered.

Then there was Soo Yeon who knew everything and yet, hesitating in divulging the truth to Han Jung Woo. I think she was trying to protect him from further hurt. And her loyalty to Harry for all those 14 years he was besides her. It was like the only thing she could give him. Because her heart is already Jung Woo's.

At the end of the episode, Soo Yeon was being framed for all the killings by Harry/Kang Hyung Jun. It was his punishment for her for not giving back the love he has for her. The phone call Jung Woo received was a recorded voice of Soo Yeon edited by Harry to make it appear that she is confessing her sins. With the real Harry in police custody telling the investigators that Soo Yeon is the real culprit, there was nothing Jung Woo can do but to go immediately to Soo Yeon. He does not believe. He knows Soo yeon is innocent. While Soo Yeon is so scared when she saw Jung Woo's step mother lying on the floor, with blood on her back head. Harry/Hyung Jun killed her.

Finally, the two run off together, Jung Woo holding tightly onto Soo Yeon's hand. As he had said, before he was a police. he is first a man. And he will protect Soo Yeon til the end.

Harry was devastated seeing his mother in that pityfull state, not recognizing her own son, but calling Han Tae Jun.

Still, she could not just leave Harry...

Jung Woo was trying to hold on to his temper. But Soo Yeon pleaded to let her talk with Harry.

The revelations...the killings...still she don't want to believe.

Soo Yeon and Jung Woo went home...

Cute Scenes...

While Harry is alone...
and miserable!

The sweet kiss from Soo Yeon...

The heart pounding scenes begin...



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