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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Miss You Ep.19 Preview

Harry: Make them disappear like the wind. All of my family members.
SY's mom: I'm sorry for everything. 
Jungwoo: Since when were you so obsessed with kissing?
SY's mom: Hey! I don't care if we're watching them secretly-
Joo: Ohh! They're kissing!
SY's mom: -You!
Jungwoo: Swwaaaaa
SY: When you want to see ajusshi, tell me anytime.
SY's mom: Ah! No! I don't want to! No!
SY: I'll just have to trust in him and wait.
Harry: Shh. You can't come out of the painting(?) I'll go there soon.
Jungwoo: Where's Harry?

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